“LPU has Potential to be a Legendary University”: LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal

  • “ We have achieved a lot; yet, time is to take next bigger leap, we can’t relax or rest”: shared Chancellor Mittal
  • Staff Members and Management pledged together to take bigger leap to see LPU among  top 200 universities of the world by 2025
  • Occasion was conclusive day of 13th annual conference of LPU-‘Share the Vision-2014’
Sharing the illustrious achievements made by Lovely Professional University within a very small span, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal invoked all at LPU to continue working hard.  Quoting great poet Robert Frost & great companies of the yester years Mr Mittal said: “It was never thought that a university in Jalandhar can grow to national stature but we proved everybody wrong. LPU has great potential to be a legendary university in the world. Although LPU has achieved a lot, yet the present time is to take next bigger leap and we can’t relax or rest. We have to strive together and should plan and take advancement in our own individual areas.  Collectively it will result into a giant leap towards our aim to get LPU included among top 200 universities of the world by the year 2025.” Considering and appreciating the great team work done by staff members, Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal credited these achievements into the accounts of each and every staff member of the university. The occasion was the conclusive day of 13th annual conference ‘Share the Vision-2014’ organized at newly constructed spacious Smt Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium LPU Campus.

Sharing unprecedented rate of LPU growth since its inception, Chancellor Miittal made all to remember the mammoth increase in campus & size; placement in 5 companies of Fortune 500 to 300 super global and national brands; students & staff members from limited states & countries to presently from 29 states of India & 30 countries; from 4 study programs to 200+ programs; from 300 students to 30,000 students; and many other such growth indicating achievements.  Visits of important international, national figures and celebrities including South Carolina Governor Ms Nikki Haley, President of India, bollywood actors Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone were also shared.  Important ranking made by ABCSP for LPU Business School; international conferences; staff-members & students achievements including Dada Saheb Phalke Award, President Award, Participation at Auto Expo 2014 and many more were also shared.

All other senior officials, heads, faculty and staff members also assured unanimously to take the university further to sky soaring heights.  Some shared to take LPU to that place where research works, publications, placements, international exposures and more will be in abundance. During the conference more than 360 LPU employees were honoured with 10 & 5 years' “Association Awards” in recognition of their long association with LPU. 28 staff members shared the honour for their 10 years’ long association and 332 for 5 years. The mammoth ‘Conference’ communicated the mission of the university for the forthcoming years. Various cultural & sports events, fashion show, exchange of ideas were also organized to bring out the talent of the staff members. 


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