Pakistan won second Indo-Pak Deaf cricketers International match played at LPU for T-20 Dosti Cup-2014

• LPU Students learnt extraordinary concentration from deaf cricketers of both the countries
• Nadeem Ahmad of Pak Team was declared ‘Man of the Match’
• All India Cricket Association of the Deaf (New Delhi) & Deaf Cricket Federation Punjab organised match at LPU Cricket Ground

Deaf cricketers from India and Pakistan played second of three T-20 matches for ‘Dosti Cup-2014’ tournament at Lovely Professional University Cricket Ground today. Pakistan captain won the toss and elected to field thus putting Indian team to bat first. Inderneel and Shiv Narain Sharma were the opener batsmen from Indian side. Facing the fast bowling with speed of as much as 140 kms per hour from the opponent team, both the opener-batsmen tried to amass huge score. However, at the end of the inning Indian team was at a total score of 130. In response Pakistan team covered the target of 131 runs in 19.1 over.  Pakistan Team Nadeem Ahmad was declared ‘Man of the Match’. The match was organized by All India Cricket Association of the Deaf (New Delhi) & Deaf Cricket Federation Punjab. The Captains of Indian and Pakistan teams are Manjeet Kumar and Zaka Ahmad respectively. The third match will be played in Ludhiana.
LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “We are happy to register this day as an historic day in the annals of LPU sports. The day is indeed a message oriented day for LPU students. It is actually time to grow beyond limitations and to set the targets. It is heartening to see that even disabilities cannot stop a person with great will-power and concentration. We will try our level best to create such opportunities in future as well.”
Cricket Coaches of Pakistan and India Mr Nadeem Zaffar & Mr Neetinder Singh, respectively, were very happy to see all arrangements made at LPU. Mr Zaffar had high words of praise for world class systems and infrastructure at the campus. In a message he asked LPU students to follow the deep level of concentration adopted by deaf players to be always successful in achieving their targets. Mr Neetinder informed that he developed special sign language for the players so as to follow the technical aspects of the game in an easy manner. Taking the example from a hindi song “Apne liye jiye to kyaa Jiye”, he asked all to help the society by getting mixed-up with and helpful to differently able persons.
The way the differently- able cricketers displayed their playing strength was worth noticing and following. LPU student cricket fans enjoyed each and every hook, drive, cut, catch four, six and more of all the players irrespective of nationalities. Students forwarded impartial support and appreciation to all players in a total reverse to usually traditionally played matches between the two arch-rival countries in sports. The players in spite of being impaired of speech and hearing abilities displayed amazing cricketing for spectators to remain wonder-struck throughout the match.
Score Board:
India: 130 (All Out): Shiv Narain Sharma-40 runs in 28 balls: Naved Qamar- 4 over, 20 runs, 3 wickets
Pakistan: 131 in 19.1 over


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