LPU inaugurated its 7th Annual Sports Meet

  • Competitions held in 13 athletic events separately for men & women athletes on inaugural day
  • Jasdeep Singh of Distance Education,  both Balveer Kaur & Mandeep Kumar from School of Physical Education established four new records
LPU inaugurated two-day 7th Annual Sports Meet of the university at its sports stadium. Maintaining Olympic traditions, the inaugural day began with competitions among talented sportspersons of the university after emblematic torch relay invocation. On the inaugural day finals for shot put, long jump, discus throw, triple jump,1500 mts  & 800 mts races; semi finals for 100 mts race; and heats and rounds for 400mts, 4x400 mts relay and 4x100 mts relays were held in both men and women  categories. Prior to this colourful march past on drum beats was held where 40 contingents comprising thousands of participants in proper sports kits provided an Olympic sports fest dimensions to the meet. The meet was declared open by LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal by letting pigeons and balloons fly free into the sky. Mr Mittal inspired university sports persons to establish new records to reach to national and even international sports arena.
In addition to students from LPU School of Physical Education, students from professional programs of Sciences, Technology, Paramedical sciences, Architecture, Journalism, Fine Arts proved no less and won many gold and silver medals. Getting equal chances, LPU Distance Education students, too, competed and shared victory-stand along with regular students. In different competitions held, Jasdeep Singh of LPU Distance Education established new record in long jump men with jump of 6.06 Mtrs;  Balveer Kaur of Physical Education established 2 records in long jump and triple jump (women) with jumps of 5.29 & 9.65 Mtrs respectively; and, Mandeep Kumar also of Physical Education established new record in discus throw with a throw at 35.89 Mts.

Results: For shot put (men) Mandeep Kumar (10.64 mtrs) was first, Sadie Junffo Hugues Fabrice (10.51 mtrs) second, and Shubham Kumar Srivastava (9.37 mtrs) was third. In women category, Silvenia Kangungu (7.94 mtrs) remained first, Harpreet Kaur (7.13 m) second and Munesh (7.03 m) third.

In the competition for long jump (Men) Jasdeep Singh (6.06 m) declared first, Manthena Pavan Kumar Varma (5.74 m) second, and Amit Thakur (5.64 m) third. For women, Balveer Kaur (5.29 m) first, Joy Namara (4.04 m) second and Pooja Kumari (3.69 m) was third.

In 800 mts race For men, Mukesh Chandra Sharma remained ahead by running the race in 2.21 minutes, Govind stood second by taking 2.22 minutes, and Aman Rawat was third for taking 2.25 minutes. For women Babita Joshi (2.58 min) first, Pooja (3.19 min) second and Kanak Aggarwal stood third by completing her race in 3.48 minutes.

In discus throw (Men) Mandeep Kumar with 35.89 mtrs throw remained first; Akash Soman with 27.71 mts second; and Ramandeep Mehmi with 25.28 mts throw stood third. In women competitions, Clodiya K John declared first with 25.06 mts throw; Gurinderjit Kaur (16.6 mtrs) & Tajinder Kaur (16.20 mts) third.

In Triple jump (men) saw Mandeep Singh first with 11.44 mtrs jump, Govind second with 11.22 mts and Gurpreet Singh third with 11.14 mtrs jump. For women, Balveer Kaur was first with 9.65 mts jump, Priyanka Kumari second with 7.65 mts, and Minna Rajan with 7.62 mts jump.

In 1500 Mtr race for women, Kusum Maikhuri with 6.11 mts first, Priyanka Negi with 7.22 mts stood second and Srushtee Satardey with 7.42 mts stood third.