LPU celebrating India’s Inner-Strength ‘Unity in Diversity’ through its annual Fest “One India”

  • Occasion is 6th mega event of the University on the theme -“Maa Tujhe Salaam”
  • Two-day veneration program opened with grand procession comprising scores of tableaus & troupes to uphold Indian Culture & Values
  • Scores of Indian-women achievers were honoured to celebrate the theme and to inspire LPU women-folk & other women around the world

Keeping up the great culture & values of India, Lovely Professional University annually holds its national fest ‘One India’ on the tunes of the Republic Day Celebrations. Proving that   diversity of India is primarily about acknowledging the differences for valuable learning, LPU is celebrating India’s inner-strength ‘Unity in Diversity’ this year too.  This 6th annual mega event of the University has commenced today carrying the theme of the year -“Maa Tujhe Salaam”. In this context, scores of renowned women achievers of India were invited and honoured to inspire all LPU women-folk & other women around the world. Two-day veneration program opened with grand procession comprising scores of tableaus & troupes representing all the peculiarities of 29 states of India. Near 3000 students presented near 30 dance forms, 30 folk & music performances at 5 venues of the campus for 30, 000 students’ audience. In recognition of the theme of the celebration, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal declared that in near future university would launch an all women entrepreneurs’ portal for women of the world for entrepreneurship.

More than 60 stalls were also raised by different departments as ‘One India Expo’ where students of different states joined hands to showcase that the whole India is together at the LPU Campus. Serving as a competitive event, individual Expo stall showcased the culture of the state it adopted and in relation to the theme of the year. It was added with music concert ‘Sur Dhara’ based on all the folk tunes of India. The thematic dance sequences and singing was highly applauding and mesmerizing. The concluding day of the fest will bring forth dazzling dance show ‘Jhoomo Re’. It will provide great platform for all to enjoy the different folk dances including Kalbelia, Bihu,Lavani, Chau,Naati, Ghoomer, Domni, Sammi and many more. The whole endeavour is to bind the diverse student community of LPU in a single string of brotherhood, unity and togetherness. In addition to national students from across India, LPU international students from 30 countries also took keen interest in the celebrations.

Eminent symbols of women empowerment who participated at the fest included  IPS Officer Shalini Agnihotri (Himachal Pradesh) who is the winner of Prime Minister’s Baton and Home Ministry’s Revolver for being the best all-round Police trainee officer of her batch;  First mother in the world to scale the mighty Mount Everest thrice Ms Anshu Jamsenpa (Arunachal Pradesh); Director Uni-Home (Punjab) & Satyamev Jayte Program fame Mrs Parkash Kaur; prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi award winner & leading ‘Kathak’ exponent Smt Geetanjali Lal (Delhi); the Green Lady of Munger (Bihar) Smt Jaya Devi, who has led various Naxal resistance efforts; world over famous Indian Classical dancer and Padma Shree awardee Guru Rani Karna of West Bengal; and also much awarded Ms Ruzan Khambatta (Gujarat), Ms Chetna Upadhyaya (Rajasthan),  Tsering Wange (Arunachal Pradesh),  Ms Sohini Debnath (Kolkata) and Ms Poonam Roi (Jharkhand). Mrs Anshu said: “All women should always follow self-discipline, self-motivation, positive attitude and social responsibility.” IPS Agnihotri forwarded Mool-mantra of success as hard-work and will to do.

Welcoming elite women of the country and congratulating all the participants, LPU Chancellor Mr MittaI informed: “This year annual celebration is a tribute to all the women of India who keep on contributing not only to their families but also work illustriously to write an exclusive story of their own for the world to read and follow. So, almost all areas are covered where women have explored their potentialities.  I am happy to note that our students have showcased well that how an Indian lady performs the best, from being a simple homemaker to an eminent leader. In fact, this fest has become the most awaited event of the year. Year by year the scenario of the show is getting broad, the vision vast; and, yet the feelings behind the fest are always the same- ‘togetherness’.”  Mr Mittal added: “We feel very happy on seeing that a Kashmiri student acts for Odisha culture, a Haryanvi for Tamil Nadu, a Rajasthani for Kerala and so on. This is real education through which students learn to co-exist learning one another’s goodness.”


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