LPU strengthening University-Industry Interface

  • Conducted Faculty Development Program with top IT company Cognizant
  • Resource persons from Cognizant, IMTECH & Strat-Edge also shared their requirements with LPU faculty
Aiming to figure among the best 200 educational institutions in the world by 2025, Lovely Professional University is laying continuous stress on strengthening University-Industry Interface. Under such special drives, three resource persons from one of the top technology solutions providing companies ‘Cognizant’ reached LPU campus for a faculty development program (FDP). Two senior technical officers & one campus HR Personnel officer discussed & interacted on valuable topics during three sessions held for common interests of academia & industry. More than 60 faculty members from different departments of the university partook.

First session touched ‘Tapping into Analytics Advantage’ topic where discussions on understanding the basic realms of business analytics, market potential and advantage were held. Second session of ‘Analytics in Life Sciences’ brought forward examples of analytical solutions being implemented in the Life Sciences industry. Third session for ‘Principles of Project Management & Deep Dive into Risk Management’ unravelled the mysteries around “Risk Management” and the practical implementation being followed within Cognizant.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal shared: “At LPU, we emphasize on the need for strengthening university-industry interface to further enhance research and development endeavours. We want our faculty and students to understand how this interface works not only in India but in other countries also so that the best global practices can be simulated at the university.” Mr Mittal further informed: “LPU has always been striving to enrich the skill & knowledge of faculty members by providing trainings in various emerging fields of business, science & technology. For this, we organize intellect enhancing FDP sessions for teachers of all the courses before the start of every academic session. Renowned people from industry and academia are invited to equip teachers and students with the best and the latest.” 

Only a few days back, LPU School of Biotechnology & Biosciences had organized another FDP on ‘Bioinformatics: Peptides & Proteins in Therapeutics & Software Applications’. An eminent scientist of International repute, Dr G P S Raghava from Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH) Chandigarh guided teachers on latest trends in Bio-informatics. Similarly, LPU School of Business has organized one day FDP on Business Simulation, where Resource person was Mr Saurabh Grover, CEO & Founder, Strat-Edge Strategy Simulation and Consulting, Mumbai.


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