LPU welcoming thousands of New Students from World & India on their Higher Academic Journey

  • LPU has chalked out a specialized thirteen-day induction program for the comfortable accommodation of such students 
  • Students from far-off countries and Indian States including China, France, South Africa, Mongolia,  Tamil-Nadu, Kerala and more attending this special induction program
  • New students are being briefed about University systems, policies, support mechanisms and campus- life
  • Quite away from menace of ragging senior students have bouquet of entertaining programs for them
Thousands of new students from different parts of the world and the country have got admissions in more than 200 programs to join new academic session 2015-16 at Lovely Professional University. In order to make these students start their new phase of academic journey comfortably, LPU has specially devised a detailed thirteen-day induction program. New students are being briefed about university systems, policies, support mechanisms and LPU campus life. Following the US system of induction program students are also being led to join many activities, fun-games, campus rounds & city tours. Many other ice-breaking sessions have also been planned to energize new students for exhibiting their potential and to exist in a all friendly environ.
Observing UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging, LPU senior students have also designed many entertaining programs for making LPU Campus a new home for new entrants. In addition, special information kit having university rules-regulations, policies, procedures, phone numbers, important places in Jalandhar is also given free of cost to new entrants. Already commenced, the induction program is to continue up to 8th August 2015.

While welcoming & congratulating new students on joining LPU Community, Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal motivated all of them to start their academic journey for the bright tomorrow. Mr Mittal informed: “Induction program is to prepare students how to enter the university life in a perfect and positive manner. During induction program students meet senior authorities, heads of different departments & faculty members. They also come to know in which blocks they have to go for their classes, labs etc. This year many unique features have been added to the induction program to make it more of informative and entertaining.”

Illustrative, a special counselling and interactive session is also arranged this year for parents so that they clarify any doubts, and may also know the university system in all. Students are being guided to work for their placements right from the beginning. A special shoppers’ street is also arranged with display of different items of their daily needs. Many invited celebrities are going to entertain the students on different days. New students and their parents, especially who have come from distant places situated thousands of miles away, are appreciating induction program as an inspiring  initiative of the university.

Mr George de Silva, father of a new student of B.Sc Economics (Hons) Nicole Margaret da Silva, from South Africa has messaged: “Our daughter has informed us that she is very happy on being at a great university of great country of the great world leader Mahatma Gandhi. She has started learning great aspects at LPU including Indian culture and traditions. Initially, we were worried about her settlement in a new country and far off institution but her inspiring quoting about LPU environ and functioning has eased us.”


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