US based Consultancy Company selected LPU Students at Rs 4.5 Lakh

  • Civil Projects consulting company ‘Dharam Consulting’ selected LPU students as Graduate
  • ConsultantsSelected students from LPU Schools of Civil & Mechanical Engineering will join their duties in September 2015
US based Independent Construction Consultancy Company ‘Dharam Consultancy’ has selected LPU Students at Rs 4.5 Lakh per annum. Civil and Mechanical engineering students of Lovely Professional University have been selected as Graduate Consultants. LPU students will join their duties in the first week of September 2015 at company’s first office in India ‘DM Consulting’ at Chandigarh. Students have been selected after facing a meticulously conducted selection criteria based on CV screening, telephonic conversation, and technical & HR interviews.

With main offices in New York, Philadelphia and Boston, Dharam Consultancy has strong client relationships stretched across the globe. The clients’ long list includes international architects, banking, commercial property development, government agencies, cultural and educational institutions.

Selected LPU students Aditi Thakur, Vineet, Gourav Hans, Aashish Kumar, Abhuidit Koushal are very happy on their selection with one of the top consultancy international companies.  Aditi shares: “We are lucky that our alma mater guided us thoroughly throughout our academic stay. Our joys know no bounds as just stepping out of LPU we are now going to be a part of world renowned company in the very initial phase of our career. We will now further grow to understand how to meet clients’ expectations, and how to deliver the quality of work that clients desire.”

Congratulating the selected students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal informed: “We keep on trying to let our students face top global selectors and to get selected revealing the best of their learning. Team members of Dharam Consulting have worked with some of the most renowned architects and owners in the world. Our students are fortunate enough to work with a world class team of professionals in the very first phase of their career.”


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  3. Our joys know no bounds as just stepping out of LPU we are now going to be a part of world renowned company in the very initial phase of our career. The paraphrase for me also providing great deal with the businessman and the consultants.


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