‘India needs to adopt more Technology’: Prof CE Tapie Rohm from USA mentioned in LPU Conference

  • Occasion was the conclusive day of International Conference on Strategies for Global Competitiveness and Economic Growth 
  • Two-day conference saw experts from many countries including USA, UAE, Iraq and different states of India
On the conclusive day of LPU School of Business’ international conference on ‘Strategies for Global Competitiveness and Economic Growth’, experts from many countries including USA, UAE, Iraq, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and different states of India forwarded concerns and solutions simultaneously.  During six technical sessions and a Webinar held on two days, numerous important research papers were presented to awaken the young business students of the university and those of globe over. Initiating the second day of the conference through Webinar, Former Director at California State University USA, Prof CE Tapie Rohm Jr presented a comparative study of USA, India, Russia and China. Underlining areas of agriculture, industry, information, services and more, USA academic leader hinted through graphical demonstrations that India is in great transitional phase and technology is a key to help it for this global technology transitional period.

Prof Rohm Jr conveyed: “India needs to adopt more technology. The driving force in today’s scenario is technology innovation. Now is the time for India to be thinking about its strategies for the future. India ought to invest in its children global education and entrepreneurship among higher education students.” He advised students: “Don’t worry about failures, learn from these, try again, be competitive, innovative and try new ideas.” Illustrative, Dr Tapie Rohm is one of the most experienced and well-liked Professors at CSU. He knows technology and how it can better business and society.

In one of the papers presented- ‘Contemporary Business Challenges-Strategies for Global Competitiveness’, Prof Pardhasaradhi R and Prof Grace from Sri YN College Andhra Pradesh analyzed the contemporary business challenges and the strategic responses of the companies for enhancing their global competitiveness. They conclude that contemporary challenges, though are formidable, can be successfully combated with a strong conviction on the part of top management.

In another paper, Acting Program Director-MBA, City University College of Ajman UAE, Prof Hardeep Anant presents that India is poised to become the fastest growing economy in the world yet it continues to face key development challenges. His paper lists some of the key challenges that India faces and suggests practical, qualitative and philosophical changes that policy makers, educational institutions and businesses need to make. He stresses that India’s ability to develop its human capital will play a key role in building a sustainable competitive advantage in the global economy of the 21st century.

LPU MBA students Ifrah Shoukat, Navdeep Kaur, Nahid Afrin and Prof Rohit Bansal presented their research paper about ‘Co-integration of Stock Market of SAARC Countries- a Study”. Their study depicts that the members of SAARC countries stock market are highly co-integrated and correlated, and changes in stock market of one country affect the stock market of other country. Hence, investors will be having less opportunity of diversifying their portfolio in these markets.


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