LPU Students Researched to Double the Mileage of Vehicles & Half the Electricity Expenses

  • To be soon patented by the Government of India, Students’ made ‘Power Amplifier’ is to increase the efficiency of all motor operated things
  • This power transmitting device is first of its kind in the world
  • Space sector kings- NASA & ISRO can utilize it for less consumption of fuels in rocketing processes
Lovely Professional University students Alok Mallik (Mechanical Engineering) & Uday Ranjan (Computer Science Engineering) have invented mechanical power efficiency increasing system ‘Power Amplifier’.  On the mechanical lines, this invention of LPU students will help common men a lot by enabling them to go for almost double the mileage of their vehicles. In the fields of electrical and electronics, utilization of this invention will reduce the electricity bills to half the existing amount. In fact, LPU students’ mechanical power transmitting system is to increase the efficiency of all motor operated things be it cars, fridge, fans, pumps, air conditioners etc. Even space sector kings- NASA & ISRO can utilize it for less consumption of fuels in rocketing processes. In a way, counted benefits of this invention are more mileage, less investment, less electricity consumption, low power source required and other. The prototype device has been duly tested and certified for more than 100% mechanical power efficiency by an NSIC & ISO approved company of Haryana State in India. LPU inventor-students have already applied for provisional patent to government of India. Congratulating the innovative students LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “We are glad to note that LPU students are proving their worth to the world as great researchers.”

Informing about the device, passionate Alok & Uday told: “Ours is a standard invention and can be used invariably in different sectors including automobile, aeronautical, defence, manufacturing, refrigeration, pumps, compressors and more. It should be very clear that our device does not produce any power. It increases power of the motors through transmission of the power. It saves and transmits that power which is unnecessarily lost during various normal functions of the motors including gear changing and more.”
Technically explaining, Alok says: “Following the 1st law of thermodynamics, we have worked in amplifying the mechanical power- that is increase in the rate of doing a given work. It is in no way ability to do a work which is counted as energy. So, we have worked out to make a machine having more than 100% power efficiency through its enhanced working. Here, I want to clear that energy and power are two different variables. Power may be more than 100% but energy can never be more than 100%.”

Elaborating how the increased efficiency will affect vehicles powered by IC Engine Alok shared: “In simple terms, if this system is added upon, a vehicle which has 4 cylinders engine will need only 2 cylinders engine. It means less consumption of fuel and double increase in the vehicle mileage. Similarly, in any of the electrical products where electric motor is used, with use of ‘Power Amplifier’ device less powered electric motor will be required hence less amount of electricity bill.


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