LPU celebrated World Pharmacists Day-2015

  • LPU celebrated global theme “Pharmacists: Your Partners in Health”, in unison with International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) & World Health Organization 
  • UK students on exchange program at LPU from Faculty of Health & Wellbeing at University of Wolver-Hampton also celebrated the occasion

Following the vision of International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) & World Health Organization (WHO), the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Lovely Professional University organized World Pharmacists Day-2015 at its campus. The global theme celebrated this year is “Pharmacists: Your Partners in Health”.  Near 600 LPU pharmacy students and staff-members gathered on a common platform and organized the event by scheduling many interesting programs. FIP encourages pharmacists worldwide to participate in such celebrations every year on 25th September, the day it (FIP) was founded. UK students on exchange program at LPU from faculty of Health & Wellbeing at University of Wolver-Hampton also participated in different celebrative parts of the day.

  • Hundreds of LPU students were trained about defensive road usage by instructors from Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE)
  • LPU student volunteers also donated 260 Blood Units

It is a great concern for the Indian society that near one lakh & forty one thousand people were crashed to death on Indian roads last year. Pulsing the same & carrying forward  Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari’s aim to bring utmost safety on Indian roads & highways, Lovely Professional University hosted  Government of India supported ‘Road to Safety’ workshop at its campus. The workshop was organized by the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) and the Diageo India Foundation to enhance road safety in India.  Hundreds of LPU students were trained about defensive road usage and fast changing traffic scenario by guest faculty from IRTE.

LPU Mechanical Engineering Students’ Innovative-Technology increases Mileage, reduces Pollution

  • Students entered automotive market commercially with their innovative- kit ‘Mileage Doctor’
  • Kit for 2-Wheelers (100 CC to 350 CC) is very affordable, easy to install & to enhance engine-life
Two of Lovely Professional University Mechanical Engineering students, Surender Kakkar and Johnny have innovated out an eco-friendly mileage enhancing mechanical kit for Two-Wheelers of 100cc to 350cc. Usage of this kit ‘Mileage Doctor’, as the inventing students named it, will increase vehicle's mileage up to 25%. In addition, this kit is also to control carbon-particles pollution usually emitted through the vehicles. Presently used for Petrol driven two wheelers, LPU students are further researching to make it effective for diesel vehicles even up to the heavy vehicles. For future very economical scope, students are also very keen to use their hydrogen and water based solution preparation only as fuel in place of petrol or diesel. LPU students have even dared to enter automotive market commercially with their novel Kit which is very affordably available, easy to install & also to enhance engine-life.

LPU students got Jobs even Months before their Final Examinations

Leading global companies Root Analysis & Asahi India Ltd have recently selected LPU students as Management & GE Trainees even being in the final year of their respective programs. Selected students are very happy by having jobs in their pockets even before stepping ahead of their academic pursuits in to career world. Selected students will join their duties on an annual salary package up to Rs 3 Lac per annum plus incentives & variables, in 2016, after appearing in final examinations of their related programs.  One of the selected students Yateesh Bhardwaj, who is pursuing his B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, is extremely happy on being relaxed about repaying his bank-loan as he has now been selected even before appearing for the final examinations.

LPU ranked among India’s Top 3 Distance Education offering Universities

  • Only a single rank after Central Government operated Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)   
  • Prestigious magazine ‘Career Connect’ has published the ranking-list
  • India’s top 45 universities offering distance education were surveyed on various parameters
Lovely Professional University is ranked among top three best distance education (DE) providing universities of India.  This is published in the prestigious magazine ‘Career Connect’ in its Vol 3 Issue 11. After a strict survey made on various parameters, the ranking-list is displaying India’s top 45 distance education universities. LPU is adjudged only a single rank after central government operated ‘Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)’. LPU has made its way to the top 3 DE providers in the country in the shortest time span. Universities of Mumbai (Established in 1857), Delhi (1922), BITS Pilani (1964) are at 6, 7 & 12th ranks; whereas, 1984 established ICFAI university Hyderabad, Nalanda Open University Patna (1987), Madurai Kamraj University (1966), Andhra University (1926), Osmania University (1918) are at other distant ranks.

Pharma giant LUPIN awarded scholarship to LPU Pharmacy student

  • Received Scholarship of Rs 30,000 from LUPIN Officials
  • Recently passed out B.Pharmacy student of 2015 batch Surbhi Dhawan became “LUPIN Scholar”
  • This is 3rd Scholarship in a row from LUPIN to LPU student 
World's largest manufacturer of quality pharmaceuticals, LUPIN Ltd has recently awarded its annual scholarship to the top ranking B.Pharmacy student of Lovely Professional University.  Surbhi Dhawan a B.Pharmacy student of 2015 passing out batch was identified as LUPIN Scholar Award winner this year. LUPIN Human Resource Head Mr Bhagwan Goswami and Admin Head Mr Satish Saraf visited LPU Campus to honour Surbhi Dhawan with certificate, trophy and scholarship cheque of Rs 30,000. In the year 2012, LUPIN signed an important MoU with LPU by promising to acknowledge one of University’s B.Pharma students as “LUPIN Scholar” every year. This is 3rd scholarship in a row from LUPIN to LPU student.

LPU conducted Workshop for Tibetan Schools’ Principals & Teachers

  • Organized four day workshop on ‘Leadership for Academic Excellence’ 
  • Near 100 Education Officers, Rectors, Principals, Headmasters/mistresses, Teachers of Tibetan Schools participated from across Nepal & India 
  • LPU shared Social Responsibility under its project ‘Disha’
After successful implementations of globally applauded and time-needed soft skills, e-learning & smart teaching processes at its campus, Lovely Professional University is now keen to provide consultancy about the same to other educational institutions across India and the globe. On these lines, LPU empowered Tibetan schools’ educators with smart teaching skills through four day workshop on ‘Leadership for Academic Excellence’ by sharing social responsibility under its project ‘Disha’. Near 100 education officers, rectors, principals, headmasters/mistresses, teachers participated from 40 Tibetan Schools spread across Nepal & India. Education Minister of Tibet Mr Ngodup Tsering & Education Secretary Mr Nawang Rabgyal Norpa were also present during this extensive teaching-learning endeavour. Participant schools are situated in top areas including Kathmandu, Ladakh, Clementown, Mussoorie, Darjeeling, Dalhousie, Kalimpong, & Bangalore.

European Cancer Congress (Austria) invited LPU student to present his Enhanced Research on Blood Cancer

  • LPU Ph.D student will present his research work at Vienna in Austria in the last week of September 2015 
  • Got breakthrough to check blood-cancer by having further researches on his important biological findings 
  • Facing continuous three deaths in the family due to cancer, LPU researcher got alert to analyze the very being of this killer-disease
  • LPU Scientist has researched on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) type of blood-cancer
Every year many thousand people die world over due to genetic disease blood cancer. Considering the grimness of the situation, great medical teams and researchers are continuously striving to wipe out this killer-disease ‘blood cancer’. One of the Ph D students Yogender Shokeen from the School of Biotechnology & Bio-Sciences of Lovely Professional University has also been working on such a research project continuously for last 3 years to identify changes in gene responsible for blood cancer.  Impressed by his important findings, European Cancer Congress has selected Yogender for a Fellowship Grant to attend its 18th ECCO - 40th ESMO conference to be held in Vienna (Austria) from 25-29 September 2015. LPU student has been specially invited to present his research work, which has got major breakthrough for checking blood cancer in future by having further researches on his findings. LPU scientist has researched on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) type of blood-cancer. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated the young researcher of the university who is on the lines of bringing great relief to the ailing global society.

LPU honoured its Thirty Six Researchers and Faculty Members on Teachers’ Day

  • Inspiring speeches marked the honouring ceremony
  • LPU students paid tribute to teachers through poetic oration “ Koti Koti Naman Tumhen”, theatrical presentation-‘Good Teachers’ & Chat Show
Paying tribute to great philosopher & second President of India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan; LPU commemorated Teachers’ Day by bestowing honours on top researchers & faculty members of the university. Celebration for thousands of university teachers marked inspiring speeches, cultural program amid honouring ceremony.  All LPU teachers pledged individually to teach with all dedication and without any of the prejudices. LPU students paid reverence through poetic oration “Koti Koti Naman Tumhen, theatrical presentation-“Good teachers…an Asset to the Society” and a special Faculty & Students ‘Chat Show’. In addition, cultural presentations including classical-mix, Punjabi Ludi and other national & international folk-dances were tribute to the teachers by the students. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal & Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal made powerful presentations spotlighting things which can impact students’ and teachers’ lives in a powerful manner. Senior Dean Dr Lovi Raj Gupta mediated between teachers’ and students’ teams during chat show to bring forth the social expectations from both sides.

LPU Students joined Carwale.com

  • 14 LPU engineering students have been designated as Senior Executives 
  • Carwale.com is a part of Axel Springer group-the owners of world’s largest selling automotive magazine ‘AUTO BILD’
India's largest automobile focussed media company ‘Carwale.com’ has selected 14 engineering students of Lovely Professional University. The students have joined their duties as Senior Executives at company’s Bangalore office.  Working with one of the world’s top 200 innovative IT companies, LPU students are providing enhanced customer experiences to be used by car buyers and owners in the most comprehensive and convenient way possible. LPU students are designated on coveted posts in the very initial phase of their career. The company is providing strong platform where both car buyers and owners can research, buy, sell and come together to discuss about their cars.

Two-Month long Intra-University competition ‘Magnitude-2015’ inaugurated at LPU

  • Opening ceremony witnessed 20 enthralling performances
  • During September & October, 4000 LPU national & international students will participate in 100 literary, technical, cultural competitions 
  • Sixty day long talent exploration endeavour will serve as a gateway to further enter four-day global open fest ‘Youth Vibe’
Providing the biggest competitive platform to talented students, Lovely Professional University inaugurated two-month long annual open intra-university competition ‘Magnitude-2015’. Opening with 20 motivating performances, 99 competitions in diverse fields will now continue up to the last of October 2015. Near 4000 national & international students from different departments of the university are going to participate. Mammoth congregation of student fraternity will not only have knowledge and fun based lifetime experience, but many of them will also be selected for national and international level competitions. In fact, sixty day long talent exploration endeavour will serve as a gateway for students to further enter four-day global open fest ‘Youth Vibe’.