European Cancer Congress (Austria) invited LPU student to present his Enhanced Research on Blood Cancer

  • LPU Ph.D student will present his research work at Vienna in Austria in the last week of September 2015 
  • Got breakthrough to check blood-cancer by having further researches on his important biological findings 
  • Facing continuous three deaths in the family due to cancer, LPU researcher got alert to analyze the very being of this killer-disease
  • LPU Scientist has researched on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) type of blood-cancer
Every year many thousand people die world over due to genetic disease blood cancer. Considering the grimness of the situation, great medical teams and researchers are continuously striving to wipe out this killer-disease ‘blood cancer’. One of the Ph D students Yogender Shokeen from the School of Biotechnology & Bio-Sciences of Lovely Professional University has also been working on such a research project continuously for last 3 years to identify changes in gene responsible for blood cancer.  Impressed by his important findings, European Cancer Congress has selected Yogender for a Fellowship Grant to attend its 18th ECCO - 40th ESMO conference to be held in Vienna (Austria) from 25-29 September 2015. LPU student has been specially invited to present his research work, which has got major breakthrough for checking blood cancer in future by having further researches on his findings. LPU scientist has researched on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) type of blood-cancer. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated the young researcher of the university who is on the lines of bringing great relief to the ailing global society.

Facing one by one three deaths in the family (of his father, father’s elder & younger brother) due to cancer, LPU researcher is alert and determined to analyze the root cause of this dangerous disease. He does not want others to suffer as he has himself suffered irreparable loss. Explaining scientifically, Yogender informed: “Cancer is a disease caused by certain changes in some genes called proto-oncogene. It is a gene that has the potential to cause cancer. Along with these genes several other molecular pathways also play important role in causing cancer. In simple terms, malignant activation of a gene is associated with the continuing conversion of normal cells into cancer cells. My study is based on examining the significance of a pathway called “TGF-B-Smad pathway” in CML patients.

Elaborating Yogender continued, “In normal scenario, this pathway (TGF-B-Smad pathway) acts to control many cellular processes like self death, cell maturation, expansion and more. As one of the main causes of change in function of genes is change in the sequence of their basic building blocks called nucleic acid, I and my team decided to study these changes (mutation). In our study, we sequenced all active parts of genes along with their boundaries with inactive parts of almost all the genes of this pathway. For those who have deep biological knowledge these genes are 8 in number: Ligand (TGFB1); Receptor genes (TGFBR1 & TGFBR2); Intermediates (SMAD2, SMAD3 and SMAD4); and, Inhibitors (SMAD6 &SMAD7). Analyzing we observed that more than 60 mutations were found in all of these 8 genes collectively. Some of these mutations are novel in finding, and now we are further studying mutations relevance in understanding the mechanism of CML. This will help in curbing the fatal disease in future.”


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