LPU Mechanical Engineering Students’ Innovative-Technology increases Mileage, reduces Pollution

  • Students entered automotive market commercially with their innovative- kit ‘Mileage Doctor’
  • Kit for 2-Wheelers (100 CC to 350 CC) is very affordable, easy to install & to enhance engine-life
Two of Lovely Professional University Mechanical Engineering students, Surender Kakkar and Johnny have innovated out an eco-friendly mileage enhancing mechanical kit for Two-Wheelers of 100cc to 350cc. Usage of this kit ‘Mileage Doctor’, as the inventing students named it, will increase vehicle's mileage up to 25%. In addition, this kit is also to control carbon-particles pollution usually emitted through the vehicles. Presently used for Petrol driven two wheelers, LPU students are further researching to make it effective for diesel vehicles even up to the heavy vehicles. For future very economical scope, students are also very keen to use their hydrogen and water based solution preparation only as fuel in place of petrol or diesel. LPU students have even dared to enter automotive market commercially with their novel Kit which is very affordably available, easy to install & also to enhance engine-life.

LPU duo-innovators further technically explain that their kit is safe for use in spite of its using a form of hydrogen gas- “Ortho-Hydrogen”, which is immediately used on its being produced during the process. About pollution control, Johnny explained: “Our kit makes no carbon particles deposit on the walls of cylinder or the piston head of the engine. Instead, this kit’s usage enhances engine-life.” In this regard he put forward all India valid two pollution under control certificates issued by transport officer- One before usage of the kit & another after usage which hint remarkable pollution control. Further, Surender informed that their kit has three main parts- Controller Circuit, Generator & Refill Pack of special solution: “With an easy installation, these parts function in unison to show significant gains in pick-up of the vehicle and at least 25% increase in the mileage. We also recommend the change of solution bottle after every (approximately) 1500 miles run of the vehicle.”   
LPU students inform that when they fitted their kit to 100cc Activa vehicle its actual mileage was noted as 33 Kmpl; whereas, after ‘Kit’ installation it turned out to be 42 Kmpl. Similarly, another vehicle model-Aviator (100cc) revealed actual mileage as 37 Kmpl and after Kit usage 46 kmpl. Similar results are seen in the 350cc Enfield and other models. Even Petrol Car is also successfully tried by the students. Presently, Mileage Doctor Kit is available in automotive market of Jalandhar City (Punjab) at a nominal price of Rs 1900 per kit.

Congratulating and encouraging the research oriented students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “We are glad to note that our students are coming out with innovative ideas in practical forms as per the necessities of the global society. I am proud to see that students this time have even turned their innovation in commercially viable product, and are making it available to common users at a very nominal price successfully. I wish them all success in their further pursuits in connection to more developments to this marvelous technology.”


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