Two-Month long Intra-University competition ‘Magnitude-2015’ inaugurated at LPU

  • Opening ceremony witnessed 20 enthralling performances
  • During September & October, 4000 LPU national & international students will participate in 100 literary, technical, cultural competitions 
  • Sixty day long talent exploration endeavour will serve as a gateway to further enter four-day global open fest ‘Youth Vibe’
Providing the biggest competitive platform to talented students, Lovely Professional University inaugurated two-month long annual open intra-university competition ‘Magnitude-2015’. Opening with 20 motivating performances, 99 competitions in diverse fields will now continue up to the last of October 2015. Near 4000 national & international students from different departments of the university are going to participate. Mammoth congregation of student fraternity will not only have knowledge and fun based lifetime experience, but many of them will also be selected for national and international level competitions. In fact, sixty day long talent exploration endeavour will serve as a gateway for students to further enter four-day global open fest ‘Youth Vibe’.

The inaugural ceremonial day saw performances ranging from national & international band performances to thematic fashion shows; folk, western, rap, street dances to solo, choir singing; instrumental melodies to histrionics mimicry and more, in three hours’ spell-bound span. This colourful opening will now be followed by amalgamation of competitive events during next two months as qualifiers to ‘Youth Vibe’. Each day is going to witness great evenings with roaring performances.
Encouraging students to keep on nourishing a spirit of positive competitiveness, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal invoked said: "Students always have one or the other talent to do marvelous things along with their academic shine. We, too, want that youth energy should be properly channelized by exploring hidden talents lying unutilized within them. So, a vast event has been chalked out in diverse fields to cull maximum out of the extraordinarily talented and innovative students. This platform is sure to provide students grand exposure to further excel in their career.”

With enthralling competitions in cultural, technical, literary and allied activities, this annual event is continuously proving to be a unified annual property of the university.  During competitions, fashion-shows based on dresses and props of different states of India and other countries, short film making, choreography, quiz, rock band competitions, Indian folk dances, theatre- skills, photography, sketching, and painting will enthrall all other student-audiences. No auditions are required for any of the technical, literary, quiz, photography competitions. However, short-listing shall be for music, dance, theatre, film production category and mega cultural competitions.