2015 proved to be an Eventful Year for LPU

  • Top three global leaders- Prime Minister of Lesotho Kingdom Dr Pakalitha Mosisili, President of Mauritius Rajkeswur Purryag, and Nobel Laureate for Peace & 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso of Tibet inspired LPU Students
  • Got major success in the form of Indo Canadian Impact Research Project worth Rs 4 Crores financed by the Canadian government
  • Record 75+companies visited in just one semester and provided 2000+ job offers to LPU students
  • More than 250 major international and national events held throughout the year  
  • “Year 2015 has brought us many steps closer to our vision of seeing LPU among top 200 universities of the world by 2025”: Chancellor Ashok Mittal

The Year 2015 proved to be an eventful and bountifully action-packed for Lovely Professional University as it witnessed more than 250 major events throughout the year at its campus, sometimes even simultaneous 3 to 4 on a single day. In the year 2015, top three leaders of the world including two heads of the states Prime Minister of Lesotho Kingdom Dr Pakalitha Bethuel Mosisili, President of Mauritius Rajkeswur Purryag, and Nobel Laureate for Peace & 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso of Tibet graced LPU Convocation Ceremonies. LPU was also honoured as these three influential leaders also accepted LPU’s Doctorate (Honoris Causa) Degrees. LPU also welcomed 70+ dignitaries at the campus. Celebrities like top bollywood stars Akshay Kumar & Jacqueline Fernandez, too, entertained and inspired LPU students. Ambassadors from six countries and eminent national personalities including Governors, Chief Ministers, MPs, TV Channel Head, UGC Chairman, 100+ Vice-Chancellors, Managing-Directors of big-houses also kept on visiting the campus that radiated LPU luster. In addition, coveted placements and entrepreneurship records, research endeavours, large number of Scopus publications, international collaborations, global-conferences held illustrate well that LPU is coming closer to its Vision-2025 swiftly.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal shares: “The Year 2015 has played pivotal role for LPU as it has brought us many steps closer to our vision of seeing LPU among top 200 universities of the world by 2025. One of the scenarios of our 2025 vision is that one of the top entrepreneurs in the world will be an LPU student. Now, we are in a position to think that it will not be longer when we see LPU having its own Zuckerberg or Bill gates. I want to proudly share that, year 2015 has made us to cover 60% of our way to the 2025 vision, the remaining will be perfectly achieved in the coming years with our amazing strength and togetherness.”

In the field of research, LPU got a major success in the form of Rs 4-Crores Indo Canadian Impact Research Project financed by the Canadian government. LPU and McGill University of Canada are to work on the Buddah Nullah (Ludhiana) project for the betterment of Punjab and the country. Moreover, over 556 research publications have been authored by LPU faculty, which is indeed a major increase from just few publications some years ago.

As for placements, 2015 is again illustrious as record 75+companies visited in just one semester for students’ on campus recruitment, and 2000+ job offers have been made by the top companies so far. Out of these, 800 offers were made in just one day, which is almost 3 times of the number 2 years ago. One of the companies, Cognizant recruited 550 students in one go, and it presumed to be a new record for any university in North India. For many other companies including Tech Mahindra, Reddington, Asahi, Anglo Eastern, Marriot, Hyatt and more, LPU proved as the biggest pool- recruitment destination. For Hyatt, 130 students from different institutions of India appeared; however, all five selected on Rs 15 Lakh package were from LPU only. During one of the top national tech events ITC Hackathon, LPU students’ team competed with the top corporate teams and won over. They were even preferred to placed with the company suitably.

This year, LPU has also proved its ability and capacity to organize the top eligibility and selection tests like medical entrance test of Punjab ‘PMET’ where over 15,000 students from all over Punjab sat in the exam at one go. As for LPU infrastructure, this year also saw the largest auditorium of an institution in the country with 15000 seating or 30000 standing capacity. LPU has also become an illustrious university by having its own 66 KV electricity substation at the campus.


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