Student-Delegates from 80 Institutions discussed Vital Global Issues at LPU

  • Represented different countries, global leaders, sections of society to find out solutions to problems being faced nationally and internationally
  • Eleven world level committees including United Nations General Assembly, Commission on Status of Women, United Nations Human Rights Council, Indo–Pak Bilateral Meet, Rajya Sabha were simulated
  • Agendas like Impact of Gender based violence, Increasing intolerance pan India, Situation in Syria and Iraq, Right to Privacy, Banning commercial advertisement on Face-book and more were put forward
  • Occasion was 2nd Day of three-day Indira Gandhi National Model United Nations Conference (IGNMUN)-Jalandhar Chapter at Lovely Professional University
  • Talk Show clearly indicated that India has great “Adaptability” with straight no to “Intolerance”

On the second day of three-day Indira Gandhi National Model United Nations Conference (IGNMUN)-Jalandhar Chapter organized at Lovely Professional University; Student-Delegates from top 80 Institutions from across country discussed vital global issues. More than 1000 participating students Represented different countries, global leaders, sections of society to find out solutions to problems being faced nationally and internationally. For this, Eleven world level committees including United Nations General Assembly, Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations Human Rights Council, Indo- Pak Bilateral Meet, Rajya Sabha were simulated. Agendas like Impact of Gender based violence, increasing intolerance pan India, Situation in Syria and Iraq, Right to Privacy, Banning commercial advertisement on Face-book and more were put forward. Students from Doon School and other top schools of Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chandigarh and more participated actively.
The other committees formed were Order of the Phoenix with ‘Plan of action after second war on agenda; Facebook vs Google for Increasing database sharing between Face-book and Google; Indo - Pak Bilateral Meet for evaluating the failure of the NSA and Foreign Secretary level talks & measures to be taken thereof, analyzing existing Foreign Policy of both Nations with the need to revive strong confidence building measures, and the need to revive indo-pak bilateral cricket series by developing a safe venue in Pakistan. Similarly, there was committee on United Nations office on Drugs and Crime to discuss criminal justice reform with special emphasis on: Gender in the criminal justice system, and issue of fraudulent medicines.
 One of the Moderators from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (Dehradun) Sukhandeep Singh shared: “I learnt a lot by convening Rajya Sabha committee where students in the form of former Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh, Raj Babbar and more put their solutions in a very efficient manner.” Similarly, Aaron Mirza who hails from Bangalore and who headed Indo-Pak committee said: “My topics interested the students much and they clarified about various issues under full excitement and patriotism.” 

Prior to this, during specially organized ‘Talk Show’ in the late evening of the first day, invited guests former Union Home Minister & former Governor of Punjab Shri Shivraj Patil and former Chief Minister of New Delhi Smt Sheila Dikshit elaborately shared that India has great power of “adaptability” with straight no to any kind of “Intolerance”. Mr Patil said: “Only few individuals can be intolerant; however, history is a great witness that since ages India has greatly adapted diverse religions, cultures, languages, castes, creeds and more. All of these are common to all in India. If we all well understand our own religion individually, we would not be intolerant to go against anybody. Instead of India as a whole, only ignorant persons are responsible for intolerance.” Similarly Smt Dikshit said: “Natural ethos of India has imbibed in whatever form things happened in this country. No doubt, we have fights and differences among ourselves; but, there is no intolerance. If it is there, it is being ignited for certain personal, political or other reasons.”


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