Early Cancer Detection & Education Campaign organized at LPU

  • ‘World Cancer Care Charity’ (WCCC) & LPU School of Physiotherapy & Paramedical Sciences collaborated intensive efforts
  • 612 persons including 316 from nearby 20 villages; LPU students; staff members; and, their family-members availed totally free of cost endeavour
  • LPU Uni-Hospital staff-members made arrangements for the care of outside patients

The School of Physiotherapy & Paramedical Sciences of Lovely Professional University and ‘World Cancer Care Charity’ (WCCC) organized one day ‘Early Cancer Detection & Education Campaign’ at LPU campus. 612 persons including 316 from nearby 20 villages; LPU students; staff members; and, their family-members availed totally free of cost opportunity. Providing great awareness to the unsuspecting people about the silently killing disease, the camp was facilitated through two air-conditioned Volvo buses fully equipped for initial medical tests and related help. Important tests for oral, dental, breast, intestine, uterus, prostate cancers were made along with diabetes, blood pressure and general check-ups. Uni-Hospital staff-members made arrangements for the care of outside patients. 
Global Ambassador of World Cancer Care Charity (WCCC) & a renowned specialist in cancer treatment Dr Kulwant Singh and Managing Director (WCCC) Dr Dharminder Singh Dhillon were present as resource persons for awareness lecture. They provided awareness about early signs and symptoms of different cancer- types so that people might get these diagnosed and treated at an early stage easily. Both were honoured by LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal, Director General Er. HR Singla and Senior Dean Monica Gulati for their untiring humane efforts for the Indian masses. 
Dr Dhillon informed: “Over 95% of individuals in India lack the awareness to diagnose or treat their cancer related illness. Our NGO is to help people with cancer detection facilities. Since its conception, it has tested thousands of individuals over India for a variety of cancers, helping in both the detection and educating on prevention of cancer. Our continued growth with the help of the community and our local collaborators like Lovely Professional University allow us to broaden our horizons and continue to help those most in need.”

LPU DG Mr Singla shared: “We all know that in the absence of proper awareness, cancer has erupted as a leading cause of millions of deaths world-wide. In India, such a population is increasing day by day and a vast increase in cancer rate is expected to occur by 2050. Cancer treatment in our country is highly priced and in most of the cancer hospitals, needy patients have to wait long for getting appointments from surgeons. So, LPU has come forward by providing a door-step opportunity to all inmates and the people living in its vicinity.”  Medical Staff of WCCC including Dr Suresh, Veerpal & Renu informed that elderly and poor villagers were seen very happy on having free check ups, medical consultancy and immediately needed medicines. 


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