Executive Directors & Delegation of Maruti Suzuki visited LPU

  • Bridged Industry Academia Gap by being akin to LPU students during wide-interactive sessions 
  • ‘Focus on basics and strong fundamentals’: Executive Director Mr RS Kalsi advised students
  • ‘Great Learning from Maruti Suzuki functioning made LPU grow faster’: Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal

A delegation of high-ranked officers led by Executive Directors Mr T Hashimoto San and Mr R S Kalsi from Marketing and Sales division of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL) reached Lovely Professional University. The delegation included Sr Vice President (Sales and Network) Mr Partho Banerjee, and Commercial Business Head, Nexa, Mr Rohit Agnihotri. Auto-Industry stalwarts interacted with LPU students and staff members and shared sagas of MSIL success and their great experiences of working and growth. Prior to this, Lovely Group Chairman Mr Ramesh Mittal, Vice Chairman Mr Naresh Mittal, and LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal welcomed elite visitors. LPU students too got a chance to accord traditional Punjabi welcome to the auto industry leaders from MSIL of Japanese origin.

Sharing vision of Maruti Suzuki with top management officials and senior functionaries, Mr T Hashimoto viewed that Maruti Suzuki has chosen a road that drives it extra miles to achieve every endeavour it undertakes. Its team believes in “Customer Obsession; Innovation & Creativity; Networking & Partnership; and, Openness & Learning. These are the features which I think should be followed to be leaders among others.”

Welcoming high ranked Maruti Suzuki officers’ team, Chancellor Mr Mittal said: “Being a great part of Lovely Group, I gained enthralling experiences by working for Maruti Suzuki dealership. I implemented all that working culture, systems, IT support & other characteristics of ‘Maruti’ for fast development of small Lovely Institute into presently the leading LPU.  So, the huge credit for LPU’ mammoth success goes to Maruti Suzuki & its team.  I feel honoured in sharing that the Maruti team amid us is responsible for taking Maruti to those heights which made it as one of the largest automotive brands in the country.”  Mr Mittal further informed that illustrious growth of Indian economy is through automobile-sector, and faster growth is being made till date through contribution of Maruti Suzuki.

Acclaimed innovator & professional in auto-industry and the person who gave Maruti Suzuki idea for its new venture ‘NEXA’- Mr RS Kalsi let students know all about leadership. He defined the term leadership through his 35 years’ memories since he joined Maruti Suzuki when it started working in India at Gurgaon in 1982. He also benefitted students by sharing early experiences gained with wide-open eyes under diverse apprehensions and dreams for a bright career ahead. Mr Kalsi emphasized: “Leadership is not merely a position or a title. It is solely an action and example. Leaders are not born as such they get formed through hard work and sincere efforts”. Sharing his life he told that in the initial phase of his career he was frustrated as he was made to work on 25 machines for 6 months. That self and practical work enabled him to make 200 suggestions to his immediate boss for betterment of the company. Mr Kalsi said: “Our life itself lessons on leadership. It follows in a pyramid form starting from highly capable individual to be a contributing team member, competent manager, effective leader to be ultimately a top-leader. One should always focus on basics and strong fundamentals. As per a great saying-‘who sees things in the seed form, is the genius’. Step inch-wide and a mile-deep in whatever area you take a beginning.”


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