LPU Architecture Students’ Housing in Space Idea awarded as the Best

  • Students won Overall Trophy of India's biggest national architectural festival-‘Archotsav’ for their ‘Space Transit Village’ project
  • Architecture students have applied all sciences including Physics, Robotics, Geometry, Bio-Technology, Environment and more in their planning
  • Project may prove first step of evolution for balance not only on Earth but in outer space also
  • In first instance, students designed housing in space for 40 people 

Lovely Professional University students of Architecture & Design have got first prize at India's biggest national architectural festival- ‘Archotsav’ for devising housing in space in the form of full-fledged ‘Space Transit Village’. The festival is supported by Council of Architecture (COA) and Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), and was held at Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. More than 100 reputed architectural institutions from all over India participated in this event.

Winner team-members, LPU B.Arch III yr students who have planned out how people are going to live in space efficiently, Gurshaan Singh and two of his team mates Aminesh & Shailja elaborated: “Following ardently a quote from world renowned scientist and former President of India Dr Abdul Kalam that ‘evolution is a never ending process’, we have termed our project ‘Space Transit village’ as ‘Evolution-1’. As a first step towards evolution, this planning is going to prove for balance not only on the earth but in outer space also. For this, we have applied all sciences including Physics, Robotics, Geometry, Bio-Technology, Environment and more. In first instance, we have designed housing as a village camp for 40 people. These people will not only live and experiment here but they will also be reading, playing and doing mundane activities as per their needs and occasions.”

In addition, dense trees, prominent water body and recreational areas will dominate the settlement so that its people may enjoy nature also. Using three-dimensional & pyramids shapes and application of artificial gravity the inmates will be able to live in these houses as we live on earth. Illustrating Gurshaan explained: “As water in a bucket never falls out on whirling the bucket as per required speed; similarly, space residents will be made to live in required motion as we live on the earth due to its continuous motion on an axis of particular degree angle. As such, evolution-1 (Space Transit Village) will keep on floating in the outer space by providing suitable stability to its residents.”  About the interiors of the houses, Shailja explained: “Rather creating divisions inside houses, we have just created amorphous (shapeless) structures which have ample clear space to provide different probable interiors. So the house may be the same from outside but different from inside in terms of layout, planning and residing.”

Seeming a dream coming true for innumerable space lovers, Gurshaan added: “Many searches have already been made for providing primary life support systems in the space. These are not only to supply oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the area, but also to prevent gases like ammonia and acetone, which people would emit while residing there. So, the practical challenges of living in space have already been well examined. Architecturally, we are keen in providing residents how to live in rooms there.  Following different sciences theories in practical form, we have planned residents standing perpendicular to the surface of the ‘Village’. Gravity is maintained inside through the cycle of rotation and revolution.”

In fact, 70 students of LPU School of Architecture & Design participated actively in various events and 8 design competitions during “Archotsav”, and won overall trophy of the competition. LPU students also won 8 individual trophies by standing 1st in Building Technology design, Hypothetical design & Low cost housing; being 2nd in Annual college work, Model Making, Interior Design; and, for remaining 3rd in Smart city design and Landscape design competitions. Eminent personalities like Ar Jaisim, Ar Satya Prakash Varanashi, Ar Jagdeep Desai, and COA President Mr Uday C. Gadakari were the jury, speakers and the presenters in the event. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated all students and faculty members who worked tirelessly to win laurels and asked them to keep aiming higher and higher.


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