New Session 2016 commenced at LPU

  • “Enhance your employability skills to be globally fit”: Chancellor Ashok Mittal asked students

After spending three weeks of winter-vacation, thousands of Lovely Professional University students entered university campus to join new session in the New Year -2016.  Already having a unique scrutinizing process of their respective answer sheets by themselves; students are now joining their ‘Even Semesters’ (2nd, 4th, 6th or 8th) with new resolutions.  Getting results for last semester, students seem determined to improve upon their previous performances. In addition to final semester examinations of their respective years’ programs, this semester is going to be very important for students’ all academic, extra-curricular and allied activities. Students will also have to prove their potential in events like mega cultural fest ‘One India’, annual sports day, Go-Kart & Solar Car racing championships. National & International conferences on computing sciences ‘Shannon-100’, on architecture Niche-II, for Competitive challenges in Global Hospitality & Tourism Industry, Technical Advancements in Civil Engineering and more will provide coveted opportunity to students for great knowledge and practices accumulations.

Wishing students a prosperous and progressive New Year 2016, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal anticipated magnificent achievements from students to add more glory to themselves and the university. Mr Mittal said: “Starting new session with more of hard-work, I want all of my students to enhance their employability along with knowledge gaining by proving their mettle to the core.”

Coming back from almost all the states of India and many countries, students were also seen exchanging new-year greetings with their class-fellows and teachers. One of the B.Tech students Hamza from Yemen shared: “I am happy on joining the new session where I will put all my efforts to grow like an all rounder to be globally fit. This session I am determined to actively participate in all activities to get completely developed.” Other students from Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Odisha, West Bengal expressed same feelings: “At LPU, we get diverse prestigious platforms to exhibit our talents along with getting regular theoretical & practical lessons. These include interactions with top global leaders and celebrities and participation to international conferences and more. We expect more of miscellaneous activities this year, too, to broaden our vision.”


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