Abhishek Bachchan honoured LPU Student

  • LPU Student emerged as Film Director on International Level
  • Ahsif Khan has got numerous national & international awards for his short film ‘The Poster’ at prestigious Dada Saheb Falke & tens of other national film festivals
  • Has massive recognition with official selection of his film at international film festivals held in Germany, Australia, Turkey, Greece and many other countries
  • Only II year student of Animation & Multi-Media Program is poised to be an independent Film-maker
  • Bollywood Stars and Directors including Abhishek Bachchan, Anurag Kashyap, Sudhir Mishra, Pravin Tarde and many more have honoured him

Lovely Professional University student Ahsif Khan from its School of Animation & Multi-Media has been vividly honoured for his revolutionary short film ‘The Poster’, in all the metro cities of India and of many other countries. He is also winner of YuppTV for short film contest for which bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan honoured him with Rs One Lakh cash Prize also. Only II year student, Ahsif is poised to be an independent film-maker.  He has already got prestigious national award at Dada Saheb Falke Film Festival in the category of short film. He has also received massive recognition with official selection at international film festivals held in Germany, Australia, Turkey, Greece and many other countries.

Ahsif Khan, who is an LPU international student from Bangladesh, has till date received 10 grand awards and 25 official selections from across the world for his short film. Bollywood Stars and Directors including Anurag Kashyap, Sudhir Mishra, Pravin Tarde and many more have also honoured him. LPU Pro Chancellor Ms Rashmi Mittal congratulated the hard working student for his glorious achievements, and assured him of all help as needed in the growth of his career.

Ahsif’s 15-minutes low-budget film ‘The Poster’ is a moving depiction of everyday anguish of common man, his endangered dreams, frustration over work and family, and the final march toward social reform. ‘Poster’ is based on the story of Zahir Raihan-a legendary & revolutionary figure in the annals of Bangladesh, and is directed and produced by Ahsif khan. The film is in Bengali language with sub-titles in English and has earned wonderful success under various shows.

Cheerful Ahsif shares: “I have a great passion for arts, life and literature but I could not recognize it properly and chose a pharmacy program. However my teachers at LPU identified an artist within me and inspired me to be what I am today. I am really thankful to LPU environ where students are made to grow as per their talents and passions. LPU top authority also allowed me to switch over to the program of my choice-Animation and Multi-Media. I am indeed short of words in expressing gratitude to all at LPU who motivated me to be a real international figure today.”

Starting to gain name and fame by winning at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival India and Dhaka International Inter University Film Festival 2015; Ahsif Khan has up to now received Jury Award in Pune at Rising International Short Film festival, and the best short film awards at Chennai Women’s International Film Festival, International Children Film Festival Dhaka, Time code Film Festival, Cute Youth Festival Bangladesh and more. His film got national and international official selection for 12th Indian Film Festival, Stuttgart Germany; 15th Kisca International Student Film Festival, Turkey; Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne; Athens International Digital Film Festival, Greece; Sand Dune International Short Film Festival; My Mumbai short film festival; 5th Bangalore Short International Film Festival; 1st Goa Short International Film Festival; 3rd Darbhanga International Film Festival, Patna; and many other.


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