Top American Hotels recruited LPU Students at Rs 15 Lakh

  • Students will join Hyatt Regency (Maryland USA) & Great Wolf Lodge (Wisconsin Dells, USA) in the month of April 2016
Top Hotels of USA, Hyatt Regency (Maryland) & Great Wolf Lodge (Wisconsin Dells) has selected six students of Lovely Professional University at an annual package of Rs 15 Lakh plus other benefits. Selected students will join their duties as Chef Trainee and for Food & Beverage Service in the month of April 2016. Executive Chef of Hyatt Mr Thomas Olson, Learning & Development Manager Ms Mi Yong Yang and Sponsor Company Head Ms Annie Carrey selected LPU students after going for personal interactions with students. American Interviewers got much impressed to know about students excellent culinary skills, industrial training experiences, servicing mannerisms and general humane experiences. The more stress was laid on practical aspects and utility of the job rather than theoretical ones.

Selected LPU students are Sagar Raj from final semester of BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology) program, Divyani, Mohit Sharma, Sachin Kapoor & Sahil Sharma of B.Sc Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality, and P Venkatesh of MBA Tourism & Hospitality. All of them are very happy to start their career at a high salary package considered to be very good for students those have yet to appear for final examination of their respective programs. Congratulating the efficient students, LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal asked them to continue applying their learning gained at LPU to further rise on to the top positions.

Both Sagar Raj and Divyani who could join their study-programs on LPU Scholarship and State Government’s Post Matric Scholarship scheme are thankful to LPU study environment and exposure. Remembering the impressive visits of International Chef Mr Vikas Khanna and Indian Culinary Forum Head Mr Sudhir Sibbal, they shared: “The way we were mentored at LPU is applauding. The dynamic personalities who were invited to interact with us and to guide us indeed impressed us to the core, and we got more and more determined to be like them in future. Our teachers at LPU always inspired us to go on working hard as there are lot of opportunities and growth in this field.” Another selected student P Venkatesh, who hails from far off Andhra Pradesh state, says: “Hearing much about studies at LPU, my parents proved themselves right in allowing me to join LPU MBA program. The result is before all. I have yet appear for my final exams…and how wonderful it is that I have already a coveted job in my pocket…how much secure me and mine parents now are….!”


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