LPU organizing International Symposium on Herbal Sweetener ‘Stevia’-a Boon to Diabetics

  • Governor of Arunachal Pradesh will inaugurate the symposium
  • One-day organization to bring industry, researchers, academicians, NGOs, farmers and entrepreneurs on a common platform 
  • Discussions will be on importance & benefits of ‘Stevia’ for health, its farming, product development and international trade
  • Recommendations made at Symposium are to be forwarded to policy makers
  • Symposium to make India protect and boost its traditional home remedies from Ayurveda

LPU School of Biotechnology & Bio-Sciences is going to organize one-day international symposium on sweet revolution ‘Stevia’ on 21st April 2016 at SBRM auditorium of Lovely Professional University. Hon’ble Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Shri Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa will inaugurate the symposium to be covered in three sessions. Symposium will bring industry, researchers, academicians, NGOs, farmers and entrepreneurs on a common platform. International delegates from different countries including the USA, Canada, Malaysia and more are to participate. Important discussions will be held on various beneficial topics of ‘Stevia’- for health, its farming, product development and international trade. Recommendations made at the symposium are to be forwarded to policy makers. For this symposium, LPU and Green Valley Stevia have collaborated.

LPU pays Homage to Father of Information Theory “Claude E Shannon” by organising Shannon 100 Conference

  • Celebrated Shannon’s Birth Centenary Year-2016 through 3rd International Conference on Computing Sciences-‘Shannon100’ at LPU
  • Prominent among them were by OSD to Vice-President of India, Director of Pentagram Labs USA, CEO & Chief Editor Rajya Sabha TV, Dean Research from Coimbatore, former Vice Chancellor VIT Tamilnadu
  • “LPU will soon emerge as First Smart Campus of India”: Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal
  • 750+ Research Papers were received for the conference from across the world

Schools of Computer Applications and Computer Science & Engineering of Lovely Professional University organized 3rd International Conference on Computing Sciences-‘Shannon-100’. The two-day organization was to mark the birth centenary year-2016 of renowned American mathematical engineer and cryptographer ‘Claude E Shannon’, also known as the “Father of Information Theory”. Five- session conference was slated to hold cutting-edge research discussions among pioneering academic researchers, scientists, industrial engineers & students. Prominent among them were OSD to Vice-President of India and Chief Editor Rajya Sabha TV Mr Gurdeep Singh Sappal; Director of Pentagram Labs USA Dr EG Rajan; Dean Research from Coimbatore Dr Tyagarajan; former Vice Chancellor VIT Tamilnadu Dr DP Kothari; Scientist from Department of Science & Technology (Government of India) Dr Pramod Prasad; Programme Director Tech Mahindra Mr Kaushlendra Poonia and more.

Worth mentioning, LPU has already dedicated its two previous conferences on computing sciences to Mr Alan Turing as ‘Turing100 - First International Conference on Computing Sciences (2012)’ and Mr Maurice Wilkes as ‘Wilkies100 – Second International Conference on Computing Sciences (2013). This third one is for Shannon who worked on technical and engineering problems within the communications industry.  He indeed did the groundwork for both the computer industry and telecommunications.

Welcoming the galaxy of intelligentsia, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “The conference is indeed a great endeavour on the lines of research and development and to pay homage to great men who initiated for the awakening and knowledge of the society. Modern period is of day-to-day fast developments in computer technology and applications. I am happy to share that Reliance JIO has invested Rs 30 crores at LPU Campus to make it first smart campus of India, and to see LPU as a platform for two simultaneous advance services of wi-fi and 4G internet.”  Mr Mittal also informed that more than 750 research papers have been received for the conference from across the world. Of these 294, including 100 papers from LPU research students & faculty members, have been accepted for further publication in the international journal.

Awakening and inspiring the young participants, Mr Gurdeep Sappal shared motivating facts about the great astronomer and mathematician Aryabhatta of ancient India. He shared: “We are lucky to have great research legacy. At LPU, I am happy to see that within a short span of time it has come up with numerous resources, new ideas and technologies by having multi-disciplinary approach.  As advance computerization is becoming heavy on personal life, I wish that LPU with all its innovations should come forward as Center for Policy Research to work on security lapses occurring with regular advancements.”

Director Industries Commerce & Renewable Energy (Govt of Haryana), Mr Vivek Atray IAS asked students to be creative and to use only that much technology which can balance their life-not in excess. Dr Rajan from USA shared advanced 3 D image processing; Dr Kothari wanted students to be more knowledgeable and told all about Ph D fields and how to proceed on the topics of their theses; Dr Pramod explained all about research funding agencies and motivated that there are lot of opportunities for research endeavours in diverse fields. Similarly, Mr Poonia informed about cyber security and data privacy in context of Indian IT industry.

Solar Cars’ Mega Engineering & Racing Competition concluded at LPU

  • LPU distributed Rs Five Lakh among Solar Cars Competition Winners
  • ‘Rays’’ team of ‘NIT JAMSHEDPUR’ win the title- ‘Champions of IASC- 2016’
  • Occasion was premier collegiate competition ‘Indo Asian Solar Challenge (IASC)-2016’ held at LPU Campus 

Finally selected 30+ teams of 80 participating teams from across Asia & India applied all possible engineering concepts for their prototype Solar Race-Cars
Lovely Professional University distributed Rs Five Lakh among Solar- Cars competition winners for different titles on the conclusion of five-day solar cars’ mega engineering & racing competition. Occasion was premier collegiate engineering competition ‘Indo Asian Solar Challenge (IASC)-2016’ held at LPU campus. ‘‘Rays’’ team of ‘NIT JAMSHEDPUR’ win the title- ‘Champions of IASC- 2016’ along with cash prize of Rs 1.5 Lakh.  ‘Taiyo Zen’ team of ‘Hindustan University Chennai’ was declared runner up and got prize money of Rs 80,000.  The rest of the prize money was distributed to teams those cleared the prestigious tests for the best innovation, business plan, acceleration, design, endurance speed, auto cross and more.

Awarding the winners, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “I am happy to see the awesome participation made by the determined engineering students in utilizing solar energy. I congratulate all of the participants, and advise them to keep up such a competitive spirit within them to go on excelling in each and every field of their life.” Illustrative, LPU students’ organization ‘Robotics and Intelligent Systems Community (RISC-LPU)’ hosted this 3rd event of magnanimous stature. Prior to this, RISC-LPU has wide-experience of organizing Asia’s largest Solar Vehicle Challenge ESVC (Electric Solar Vehicle Championship) and IASC-2015. 

LPU student co-ordinator Ajay Singh Rajput, who hails from Rewa (Madhya Pradesh) and studying under coveted LPU scholarship scheme, informed that out of 80 teams registered initially from across India and Asia, and only 32 could compete finally as per selection criteria. All of the robust teams from LPU, Hindustan Institute of Technology from Tamil Nadu (HITT); University of Petroleum & Energy Studies from Dehradun (UPES);  Manglayatan University Aligarh (MUA); SRM Tamilnadu; Krishna Engineering College Uttar Pradesh; SKN Sinhgad  university from Maharashtra, NITs Jamshedpur, Jaipur and other had applied the best engineering concepts. UPED solar car had the lightest weight of 116.5kgs; whereas, MUA solar car was the only one to have differential with disc brakes with complete driver’s comfort.

Captains and team members of different teams including Ajeesh and Ashok from HITT, Shikha, Rashi, Mayank from UPED, Himanshu from MUA, and Rajat were unanimous in upholding: “We are thankful to LPU organizing team that has been continuously providing us an international level platform for the last three years to get great practical exposure through such participations. We have come from far off places only to share the great learning exposure which LPU students are getting here for their ever brilliant career ahead.” 

Two-day National Conference on Technical Advancements in Civil Engineering (NCTACE-2016) concluded at LPU

  • Use quality material in construction of bridges and buildings
  • Adopt climate smart water management tools to save earth

Scientific design of buildings and construction using quality material are capable of preventing structure failure during natural or man-made disasters. Dr Raju Sarkar, Associate Professor, Delhi Technical University (DTU), highlighted the importance of tie-beams, shear walls, and other safety measures at the time of construction. He said that adding these features ensures safety of the structure and its occupants. Today, access to steel and cement concrete, if not to ultramodern aerated concrete blocks, helps in creating better resistance to earthquake. He said that high rise buildings should not have soft storeys as these could lead to failure of the tall structure during an earthquake. Under these growing innovative concepts, concrete blocks, cement, wooden frames, and tiles that are locally made are most useful and thereby encouraging many small scale enterprises in the process. Local artisans, masons are required to be trained in the use of new low cost building materials and techniques. He expressed that steel plate shear walls system, RCC structures, vertically oriented wide beams are made of concrete and steel and carry seismic loads down to the bottom of foundation and its thickness generally varying from 150mm to 400 mm in high rise buildings.

In an another case study done by LPU Professors Kirti Goyal and Ambika Thakur, it was mentioned that Jalandhar is facing a major problem of waste disposal. Solid waste management is a major enviromental issue as people throw garbage on public areas directly out of their homes, restaurants, shops and from commercial buildings. Majorly the garbage includes vegetable and food waste, and polythene bags. According to census 2011-12, the population of Jalandhar City is 22 lakhs approximately. A total of 300-400 tonnes of garbage, collected from the city, is dumped on open land in the Wariana dump on the periphery of the city, generating leachate and toxic gases near the disposal site, which is harmful for the citizens living around it. But the major issue is that there is no seggregation of biodegradable or non-biodegradable waste.

Mr Ajay Kumar Singhal, DGM from Simplex Infrastructure Limited expressed that there is need of reducing the gap between practical concepts of academia and industrial training. Students should be taken to construction site and given live training there. They should be given a clear idea about the Requirement, Planning, and Execution of the project before the project is initiated.

Mr KK Singla, Prof NIT from Kurukshetra, talked about impact of climate change on water resources. He said basic reason of environment degradation is burning of fossil fuels, plunder of earth, increase in floods, rising sea level, ecosystem shift, increase in refugees, hydrological cycle disturbance effecting global climate. Climate change is causing huge shortage of water. Rajasthan recently received heavy rainfall whereas Maharashtra is facing huge draught. There is a huge change in the balance between the snow and the rain which has resulted in 10 to 20 m rise of sea level in Bangladesh. Demand of water for agriculture and domestic purposes is increasing. So, we, all the citizens, have to come forward and start using climate smart water management tools and water system reoperation and also protect aquatic ecosystems.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said that such types of conferences are really helpful to bring out positive results which are really helpful for the society. He mentioned that in this conference researchers from IIT Roorkee, Aligarh Muslim University, NIT Kurukshetra, Rourkela, Jalandhar, Allahabad, Delhi Technological University, IISc Bangalore, and BITS Pilani participated.

LPU organizing National Conference on Technical Advancements in Civil Engineering (NCTACE-2016)

  • Two-day conference has brought together experts from Industries and Academia from various parts of the country to discuss diverse issues and strategies
  • Day 1 of Conference carries three technical sessions on Structural Creativity & Technological Progress, Environment Friendly Construction Materials, and Building Urban Life and Environment
  • Conference is set to have presentations of 150+ papers

With the advent of human life started civil engineering as it is the application of physical and scientific principles for solving the problems of society. Through National Conference on Technical Advancements in Civil Engineering (NCTACE), LPU has brought together experts from Industries and Academia from various parts of the country to discuss diverse issues and challenges faced, and to devise strategies for constructing eco-friendly buildings. Day one of the Conference carries three technical sessions on structural creativity & technological progress, environment friendly construction materials, and building urban life and environment. The Conference will witness discussions on 150+ research papers during its different sessions on both the days. 

On the first day, researchers came up with the conclusion that while doing construction there should be a minimum and maximum life for any building or monument. It should be constructed in such a modern way that by using less space and of course environment friendly material, it should have all the modern amenities like saving rain water, proper draining and sewage system. On this occasion, Research Journal containing important research papers concerning the conference was also released.
Addressing the researchers and industrialists, the Guest of Honour Former Director NICMAR, Dr Ravindra Munshi, focused on construction of marvelous eco-friendly structures. He said that growth of economy depends on the number of constructions done in a country. Having a broad vision Joint President, Head Technical Services of Ultratech Dr Manamohan Kalgal observed that we civil engineers should always be ready to accept new challenges. As foreigners are now investing in our country and setting up MNCs, it becomes a big opportunity for civil engineers to exhibit their skills and expertise to structure world class estates. He urged upon the engineers to develop a habit of learning everything from around the world and amalgamate them in your profession. 

Keynote speaker D N Basu, Senior Technical Head, Simplex Infrastructures, talked about sustainability and enhancement in infrastructure development. He focused on constructing building for future needs without compromising on construction material.  He called upon everyone to enhance living comfort and consume minimal energy, make less wastage by using natural resources and converting the waste into useful resource. Eco-friendly design methodology can further reduce energy consumption by minimising energy inputs for heating, cooling, and light by incorporating energy efficient appliances. Chemical pollutants from paints, solvents, plastics, and composite timbers, along with biological pollutants such as dust mites and moulds should be avoided. Use intelligence transport system by fixing sensors on roads, both static and mobile, to give more control on the roads which result in reducing accidents and help in ensuring safety. 

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said on a positive note that origin of civil engineering existed from day one when earth was created. Indus Valley civilization of 2600 BC was the oldest civilization which is the best portrayal of modern construction consisting of wide roads, assembly halls, and sewage system. The Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China are the best examples of great civil engineering feats which continue to exist in their full glory. Like Burj Khalifa in Dubai, when we praise any monument the growth of the country is measured by the growth of its civil engineering.  Mr Mittal said that every individual is a born civil engineer as somehow he is involved in developing his shelter or home. During this conference in LPU, learn the research skills and implement them in your profession.

In one of the research publication in NCTACE, Deepak Khare of IIT Roorkee studied that in coming years there would be a huge shortage of water. For that, storage of rain water is very vital.  But due to rapid increase in industrialization and urbanization the quality of rainwater is depreciating. For this, rainwater can be stored on rooftops or through downpipe it can be stored underground which can be helpful in reserving and maintaining quality of the water. As such rain water will not be polluted with any industrial waste or any river and can be used at home at any crucial time. 

“There can be 1000 works which I cannot do but there are 90,000 other which I can”: Spinal Cord Injured Rajiv Virat said at LPU

  • Spinal Cord Injury Affected Persons got motivated at LPU to live on Positive Notes
  • Occasion was the conclusive day of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference at LPU
  • During concluding hours the affected persons showed amazing basketball skills and rhythmic movements on the DJ harmonies

Two-day Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference ‘Vistaar’ concluded at Lovely Professional University with a grand message of ever having positivity in life.  200 + affected persons shared their individual tales of suffering, and how they came out of the sufferings to the present active position.  Two of the affected ones shared how they made 14 kms Mata Vaishno Devi Yatra and acting with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar possible on wheel-chairs, only through their strong will-power. Many of them also demonstrated how to be self-dependent by proper utilization of their energy while being on bed or wheel-chairs. The first session today was inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner of Jalandhar Mr Kamal Kishor Yadav who affirmed all possible assistance to the affected persons. ‘Spinal Cord Injury Association (SCIA)’ had organized the conference in collaboration with Lovely Professional University at LPU Campus.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal shared: “We assure to continue according our possible assistance to the spinal cord injury affected persons in future too.  I wish that all affected persons may become able-bodied to live there life as it was before mishaps. I also want to share that this conference proved a great learning platform to our physiotherapy students from which they learnt all pros and cons about spinal cord injuries and aftermath.”

Education Coordinator at Indian Spinal Injuries Center (New Delhi) Mr Shivjeet Singh Raghav informed about different steps towards a healthy, happy & meaningful life after diverse difficulties got through spinal cord injury. Another affected person, Mr Nekram Upadhyay who is HOD Assistive Technology informed about importance of proper seating & mobility. He informed affected persons: “Do not sit in the wheel chairs but sit on the wheel chairs. Continue exercising and try to move every part of your body which you can.” Rajiv Virat who is having both of kidney-failures demonstrated how to descend and ascend on slope steps and steeps while being on wheel chairs. He motivated others by saying firmly: “There can be 1000 works which I cannot do but there are 90,000 other which I can.”

Similarly, other demonstrations about wheelchair skills for Quadra-plegics; day to day physiotherapy exercises; strengthening of core & abdominal muscles; daily living and bed mobility; upper limb strengthening exercise; advance matt and yoga exercises  were also made by experts in the related fields. Question-Answer session satisfied different queries on Nutrition, Pressure Sores, Bowel Management and more. The concluding hours of the conference were the most magnanimous as the affected persons showed amazing basketball skills and enjoyed rhythmic movements on the DJ harmonies.

Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment Mr Vijay Sampla inaugurated Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference at LPU

  • Two-day conference ‘Vistaar’ is being organized by ‘Spinal Cord Injury Association (SCIA)’ in collaboration with Lovely Professional University at LPU Campus
  • Minister Sampla assured to forward proposal of Rehabilitation Center to the Central Government for acceptance
  • LPU Chancellor promised free education to affected persons and jobs to them and their spouses
  • Many wheelchairs were also distributed to make injured persons live active life of mobility and self-dependence

Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment Mr Vijay Sampla inaugurated Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference ‘Vistaar’ at LPU today. ‘Spinal Cord Injury Association (SCIA)’ and Lovely Professional University have collaborated to organize two-day Conference at the campus. Conference witnessed 200+ persons with spine-injuries those assembled at the campus. It became a very emotional as well as an inspiring environment during the conference when affected persons shared their stories of the days when their life got altogether changed because of accidents, unwanted fights or natural calamities.

Romanian Ambassador inaugurated ‘One India’ Expo at LPU

  • The occasion was conclusive day of national level fest tuned on Republic Day Celebrations to maintain unity in diversity
  • His Excellency Ambassador of Romania to India Mr. Radu Octavian Dobre was accompanied by politicians, counselors, secretaries and administrative officers of Romania
  • “Variegated colour, culture and vibrancy of India at LPU fascinated me much, I want to explore more of it:”HE Mr Dobre
  • Students from all Indian states absorbed facts about illustrious history of India related to different periods including Medieval, Pre Independence, Post Independence and even Stone Age

His Excellency India Chargé d'Affaires of Romania, Mr Radu Octavian Dobre visited Lovely Professional University Campus and inaugurated ‘One India’ Expo-2016 today. The occasion was conclusive day of national level fest tuned on Republic Day Celebrations to maintain unity in diversity at the campus. HE Mr Dobre was accompanied by Counsellor political section Mrs. Daniela Maria Dobre secretaries and administrative officers of various departments. All visitors were surprised to see mammoth infrastructure, facilities and multi-ethnicity at the campus. On looking 28,000 students from all Indian states and 50 other countries absorbed facts and figures about illustrious history of India related to different periods- including Medieval, Pre Independence, Post Independence and even Stone Age.
Visiting 29 expo stalls representing different states of India separately, HE Dobre exclaimed: “Variegated colour, culture and vibrancy of India at LPU fascinated me much, and I want to explore more of it. Reaching here, I have been enthralled to see total India itself on the campus as students from all Indian states showcased complete India through depiction of varied culture, customs, traditions, languages, clothes and more.” Prior to this, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal and Pro Chancellor Rashmi Mittal welcomed the elite guests at the campus. Chancellor Mr Mittal conveyed: “Through celebrations like ‘One India’, LPU preserves the true spirit of cultural diversity, harmony, togetherness, energy and enthusiasm. The way students co-exist for different activities, we really feel proud of them.”