LPU organizing National Conference on Technical Advancements in Civil Engineering (NCTACE-2016)

  • Two-day conference has brought together experts from Industries and Academia from various parts of the country to discuss diverse issues and strategies
  • Day 1 of Conference carries three technical sessions on Structural Creativity & Technological Progress, Environment Friendly Construction Materials, and Building Urban Life and Environment
  • Conference is set to have presentations of 150+ papers

With the advent of human life started civil engineering as it is the application of physical and scientific principles for solving the problems of society. Through National Conference on Technical Advancements in Civil Engineering (NCTACE), LPU has brought together experts from Industries and Academia from various parts of the country to discuss diverse issues and challenges faced, and to devise strategies for constructing eco-friendly buildings. Day one of the Conference carries three technical sessions on structural creativity & technological progress, environment friendly construction materials, and building urban life and environment. The Conference will witness discussions on 150+ research papers during its different sessions on both the days. 

On the first day, researchers came up with the conclusion that while doing construction there should be a minimum and maximum life for any building or monument. It should be constructed in such a modern way that by using less space and of course environment friendly material, it should have all the modern amenities like saving rain water, proper draining and sewage system. On this occasion, Research Journal containing important research papers concerning the conference was also released.
Addressing the researchers and industrialists, the Guest of Honour Former Director NICMAR, Dr Ravindra Munshi, focused on construction of marvelous eco-friendly structures. He said that growth of economy depends on the number of constructions done in a country. Having a broad vision Joint President, Head Technical Services of Ultratech Dr Manamohan Kalgal observed that we civil engineers should always be ready to accept new challenges. As foreigners are now investing in our country and setting up MNCs, it becomes a big opportunity for civil engineers to exhibit their skills and expertise to structure world class estates. He urged upon the engineers to develop a habit of learning everything from around the world and amalgamate them in your profession. 

Keynote speaker D N Basu, Senior Technical Head, Simplex Infrastructures, talked about sustainability and enhancement in infrastructure development. He focused on constructing building for future needs without compromising on construction material.  He called upon everyone to enhance living comfort and consume minimal energy, make less wastage by using natural resources and converting the waste into useful resource. Eco-friendly design methodology can further reduce energy consumption by minimising energy inputs for heating, cooling, and light by incorporating energy efficient appliances. Chemical pollutants from paints, solvents, plastics, and composite timbers, along with biological pollutants such as dust mites and moulds should be avoided. Use intelligence transport system by fixing sensors on roads, both static and mobile, to give more control on the roads which result in reducing accidents and help in ensuring safety. 

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said on a positive note that origin of civil engineering existed from day one when earth was created. Indus Valley civilization of 2600 BC was the oldest civilization which is the best portrayal of modern construction consisting of wide roads, assembly halls, and sewage system. The Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China are the best examples of great civil engineering feats which continue to exist in their full glory. Like Burj Khalifa in Dubai, when we praise any monument the growth of the country is measured by the growth of its civil engineering.  Mr Mittal said that every individual is a born civil engineer as somehow he is involved in developing his shelter or home. During this conference in LPU, learn the research skills and implement them in your profession.

In one of the research publication in NCTACE, Deepak Khare of IIT Roorkee studied that in coming years there would be a huge shortage of water. For that, storage of rain water is very vital.  But due to rapid increase in industrialization and urbanization the quality of rainwater is depreciating. For this, rainwater can be stored on rooftops or through downpipe it can be stored underground which can be helpful in reserving and maintaining quality of the water. As such rain water will not be polluted with any industrial waste or any river and can be used at home at any crucial time. 


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