Fashion Show organised at LPU

  • Show attracted international models & innovative designers
Student organization ‘Altiora’ of Lovely Professional University hosted fashion show at LPU campus. Show was based on the pattern of famous international ‘Avante Garde Fashion Week’ which was produced by Adorrio fashion house, Milan Italy. The show showcased creation of emerging designers from LPU School of Fashion Technology and other brands’ designs prevalent in the vogue. The stage was set to feature new collections of casuals, formal wears, trend-setters and more. The show was choreographed by international ace choreographer Shie Lobo where Russian models, Miss India Facial Stylist Shaini Soni, X-Factor winner Saud Khan, Global International winner Suraj Dhalla walked on the ramp. The show’s aim was to provide the perfect fit for the perfect wearer.

Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani honoured 36 LPU Academicians and Researchers at LPU Campus

  • Occasion was 15th Founders’ Day celebrations at LPU Campus 
  • Hon’ble Minister also hoisted 108 feet high national flag at the campus to commemorate the occasion
  • Honoured 36 faculty members for their distinguished contribution to the quality education and research

Union Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Smt Smriti Zubin Irani reached Lovely Professional University today and honoured 36 faculty members for their distinguished contribution to the quality education and research.  The occasion was 15th Founders’ Day celebrations at LPU Campus, where Hon’ble Minister also hoisted 108 feet high national flag at the campus to commemorate the occasion and to enthuse national pride among student community and countrymen-women. Addressing 3000+ Faculty & Staff members of LPU, Hon’ble Minister appreciated the elegant role played by LPU Management and staff members in the domain of higher education.

Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani visiting LPU

  • Occasion is 15th Founders’ Day celebrations at LPU Campus 
  • Hon’ble Minister will honour notable academicians and researchers of LPU 
  • 108 feet high national flag will also be hoisted by the Minister at the campus to commemorate the occasion
Union Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Smt Smriti Zubin Irani is visiting Lovely Professional University on 22nd May 2016.  The occasion is 15th Founders’ Day celebrations at LPU Campus, where Hon’ble Minister will honour 34 faculty members of LPU notable for their contribution to the quality education and research. Hon’ble Minister will also hoist 108 feet high national flag at the campus to commemorate the occasion and to enthuse national pride among students.

Yo Yo Honey Singh’enthralled LPU Students at Foot-Tapping Numbers

  • VJ turned actress Gurbani Judge (Bani J), veteran actor Pawan Malhotra,  famous singers Jazzy B, Prabh Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Mankirat Aulakh, Guru Randhawa, Alfaaz and Kaur B also accompanied him

World-renowned Indian rapper, singer, musician, actor Yo Yo Honey Singh reached Lovely Professional University, today, and enthralled LPU students to the core during a foot tapping event. He was accompanied by VJ turned actress Gurbani Judge (Bani J), acclaimed veteran actor Pawan Malhotra, singers Jazzy B, Prabh Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Mankirat Aulakh, Guru Randhawa, Alfaaz and Kaur B. Known for his energetic performances, Honey Singh performed on songs from his forthcoming film ‘Zorawar’ like ‘Raat Jashan Dee’, ‘Call Aundi’, ‘Ishk Khudai’ ‘Superman’ along with his famous numbers ‘Angrezi Beat Te’, ‘Lungi Dance’, Party All Night’and more. LPU students kept dancing & singing along with the star singers-actors, amid loud shrieks, yells, yodels, wavering and stamping.

LPU can be among top 100 Universities of the World”: AICTE Chairman

  • Invoked LPU Faculty Members to keep on imparting 21stCentury technology advancements to their students
  • Occasion was inauguration of School of Human Resource Development Center at LPU 
  • 2800 Heads of Faculties, Schools, Divisions, Departments, Members of Teaching, Administrative and Technical wings got great learning

Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Prof Anil Dattatraya Sahasrabudhe visited Lovely Professional University today and delivered inspirational messages to LPU faculty & staff members to lead India to be number one in the world.  Anticipating LPU and 19 more government and private universities of India to be among top 100 Universities of the world, Prof Sahasrabudhe invoked all to keep on imparting 21stCentury technology advancements to the students. He was Chief Guest on the inauguration of New Human Resource Development (HRD) Center at LPU. The center is opened by the university to provide world class training to staff-members. During his two- hour witty address, he kept audience enthralled through his intellectual thoughts and foresightedness.  Appreciating LPU as truly professional university in diverse aspects, he also advised LPU faculty to develop certain courses for the benefit of the society. 

LPU School of Fashion Design organized its Annual Graduating Show-2016

  • General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Indian Army (Western Command) Lt General KJ Singh PVSM, ASVM** inaugurated the show
  • Final Semester students of M Sc & B Sc fashion design program showcased  150 designs created by them
  • Lakme Fashion Weeks’ famed Choreographer Pranav Hamal choreographed the show 
  • Seven top designers including Associate Member of FDCI James Ferreira assessed the students’ creations 
  • Organized as grand Fashion Show ‘Ensemble’, the Graduating Show-2016 gave wider entrepreneurship exposure to LPU students  

The School of Fashion Design of Lovely Professional University organized mega fashion show ‘Ensemble’ at its Annual Graduating Show -2016 today. General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Indian Army (Western Command) Lt General KJ Singh PVSM, ASVM** inaugurated the show. Near 30 Models, who were again LPU students, showcased 9 collections of 150 designs prepared by fashion program students of LPU. These designs were created by 50 + final semester student-designers of M Sc & B Sc Fashion Design program.  Seven celebrity designers of massive experience including Associate Member of FDCI James Ferreira, Anuj Lalwani, Niket Mishra, Farah Sanjana assessed the students’ creations. Lakme Fashion Weeks’ famed Choreographer Pranav Hamal choreographed the show.

Canadian University grants Rs 80 Lakh Scholarship to LPU Students for Research Endeavours

  • Two students are selected by top Canadian University under 100% scholarship grant
  • Got selected as Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program students

One of the high-ranked comprehensive universities in Canada, Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) has granted approximately Rs 80 lakh Scholarship to Lovely Professional University Students. Two final semester (VIII) students of B Pharmacy program of LPU Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Arun Kumar & Gagandeep Kaur, have been selected for research endeavours & to continue their post graduate studies for M Sc Bio-Chemistry at MUN. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated the meritorious & hard-working students and inspired them to get world-wide recognition through their innovative research-works.

Director of the Internationalization Office of MUN, Ms Sonja Knutson informed that LPU students have been selected as Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program students. The total value of the two-year scholarship is approximately $50,000 per student. In addition, QEII scholars will also receive $5,000 in fellowship funding per year per student during the two year period. As a QE II Scholar, students are to be into master’s program at the university for two years (September 2016-August 2018). They will be registered full-time throughout their program, and have full access to all student services and recreational facilities as needed. They would also be participating in local leadership and community engagement activities.

Arun (from border area of Haryana & Rajasthan) & Gagandeep (from Kolkata, West Bengal) shared: “Our joys know no bounds on getting top foreign university scholarship for our better future ahead. This could only be possible by our being at LPU where we learnt a lot about research works. LPU brought us the prestigious opportunity right at the campus and we proved our worth competing 30 more students desirous of having the scholarship. We are thankful to Prof Dr Sukhinder Kaur of MUN who identified competence in us for pursuing research work in Canada for the general benefit of human beings world over.”

Selected students also informed: “Obesity is on the rise all over the world. It is associated with Type 2 diabetes -a medical disorder that includes hypertension, insulin resistance, central obesity, cardiovascular disease and more. Several drugs are used to treat Type 2 diabetes but most have side effects. Thus, there is an urgent need for alternate therapy to tackle this diabetes. On these lines, natural health products have gained much interest in the recent years. One such health product is flax which is grown in abundance in Canada. We will help in investigating the regulation of cholesterol metabolism by working on this. Technically and biologically speaking we will work on diets rich in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.”

Punjab’s largest Health Care Conference ‘Hashcon-2016’ inaugurated at LPU

  • Being organized in association with Indian Medical Association, two-day conference is to tackle issues in the health care industry
  • CEOs from Health- Sectors & delegates from across India are participating in this conference
  • “Healthcare is the most important sector for tomorrow”: Dr Giridhar Gyani  Ex CEO Quality Council of India
  • “Make India a Medical Tourism Hub”: Invoked LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal

Punjab’s largest Health Care Conference ‘Hashcon-2016’ inaugurated at Lovely Professional University today. Being organized in association with Indian Medical Association, two-day conference is to tackle important issues in the health care and related industry.  Renowned authorities, CEOs of Health-Sectors, medical practitioners, nurses, students from across India are participating in it. Dr Giridhar Gyani  Ex CEO Quality Council of India and LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal inaugurated the conference. Civil Surgeon Jalandhar Dr Kailash Kapoor, President Indian Medical Association (Jalandhar) Dr RK Gupta, Punjab Medical Council Member Dr Kapil Gupta, Director, d-wise Healthcare IT Solutions Wing Commander Dr CK Babu ( Bangalore)  also shared the main dais of inaugural session.

During the inaugural session Dr. Giridhar Gyani, Ex-CEO Quality Council of India, touched the topic on ‘Quality & Accreditation, Price and Quality Transparency: How do we deliver better tools for patients’. Dr Gyani shared that no doubt India has attained much but its human development index is much lower. India needs to integrate education and health- care, and that too from primary level. Primary education teachers should be super ones as the IQ of very young ones increases at fast pace. In addition to universities & colleges, there should be accreditation of schools also. India has to play a lead role as per ‘WHO’ and much is to be done in the area of healthcare. He said: “In next five years all metro towns will only have smart hospitals. Healthcare sector is going to be the most important sector of tomorrow. So, multidisciplinary university like LPU is right place to be a great part of this.”

Welcoming all, Chancellor Mittal said: “It is a matter of great pride for hosting a conference of such a stature first time in Jalandhar. This healthcare conference is certain to set new norms. When we talk of hospitals we imagine about doctors, nurses and lab technicians only. However, in present day scenario hospital administration plays a key role and is more important than other wings of it. Our hospitals are at par with top hospitals in other developed countries only due to efficient administration.  I invoke all present at the conference to work on these lines and make India a medical tourism hub. I assure that LPU is ready to accord its full support and related resources for this noble cause.”

Ten sessions of the conference are covering important topics including Health care Marketing; Medico Legal Issues; Medical Tourism; Hospital Architecture; Role of Government; Quality and Accreditation; Healthcare, IT and Technology; Startups and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare; Healthcare Insurance; Finance & Investment. Expert speakers of the related domain are guiding the participants during elaborated interactions.

Education Minister of Lesotho Kingdom & Health Minister Punjab inaugurated Pharmacy Conference at LPU

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences of Lovely Professional University & National Ayurveda Students & Youth Association collaborated for organization of Inter-national Pharmacy Conference ‘LPUNASYA-2016’ at LPU Campus. Minister of Education & Training of Lesotho Kingdom, Dr Mahali Agnes Phamotse and Health Minister of Punjab Government Surjeet Kumar Jyani inaugurated two-day conference.. The mammoth conference was on ‘Amalgamation of Recent Pharmaceutical Developments in Ayurveda’, where top propagators of Indian Ayurveda from 11 states of India and other countries participated.  Of 250 research papers received, the best 180 have been accepted and near 50 of these will be published in Scopus Journal. Conference is having 7 scientific sessions and 7 important guest-lectures to awaken the participating students and audience about the values and importance of Indian Ayurveda practices and contributions thereof.

Minister Dr Mahali Phamotse thanked Indian Government and LPU authorities for providing her opportunity to be a part of the great pharmacy conference at LPU. Recalling Mahatma Gandhi, she said in utter humbleness: “To be best is to learn from the best. Whatever I will be learning from this great conference, I will certainly implement in my own country for the benefit of student-community and society in general. I appreciate LPU for relentless efforts done in education system, and this visit to LPU will certainly be a milestone for the education sector of my country.” She also led six-member team from education departments & embassy of Lesotho Kingdom to LPU. Understanding the quality oriented & cost effective higher education at LPU, Dr Phamotse also signed an MoU with LPU for the advantage of the students of her country.

Minister Jyani addressed the conference in very simple words and inspired all amusingly to adopt old ayurvedic traditions to be fit and fine and work a lot for the society. He said: “We should be united in saving our best environment, weather, thinking- power and all that nature has provided us in abundance. We know all about great values we inherit, but we do not act upon those. If we have to be healthy, we will have to be awakened enough.” Exemplifying great uses of Neem, Turmeric, Cow-Milk, Yoga, herbs and more, he wanted all to love their life to be healthy for self and the society by following ancient Indian traditions particularly those of Ayurveda.

Welcoming all the elite guests, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “ Ayurveda is the oldest and the complete medical profession in the world. We are happy to be hosting part of this great endeavour which is intended for the welfare of mankind. I am proud while sharing with you that top international brands market their products and services in the name of ayurvedic and herbal products including aloe-vera, lemon, cucumber, turmeric and more. I want that industry and academia should work collectively to make Indian system of Ayurveda a great success by supporting research students regularly.”

Vice Chancellor Sant Ravidass Ayurvedic University Punjab, Prof O P Upadhyay said that Knowledge and science go hand in hand and both are meaningless without one another. He also stressed that the energy of the students should be used in right direction, and they be told to serve the society first than trying to lead it. President NASYA Vikrant Patil implored all  to take Ayurveda to the heights as it has much special in it, the only need is to have trust in it. Secretary General of Vigyan Bharti A Jayakumar shared that Indian way of looking at science is different, and Ayurveda has important role to play in lives of all. Director IPGT& RA, Jamnagar Gujarat also upheld the values of Ayurveda.

Laying stress on the importance of Ayurveda, one of the research papers- ‘Ayurveda as an Adjuvant to Chemo and Radiotherapy of Cancer’- presented by Neha Bhatia and Manish Vyas from LPU School of Pharmaceutical Sciences holds: “Various clinical trials and studies report that the impact of Ayurveda based adjuvant (a pharmacological or immunological agent that modifies the effect of other agents) therapy reduces the side effects produced by multifaceted treatment of cancer.” This review narrates Ayurveda adjuvants like Indu kant Ghrita, Rasayana Avleha, Triphala Churna, and Yastimadhu Ghrita.  

LPU declared Result for its Engineering Entrance Test

  • Candidates can check their results @  

 Lovely Professional University has declared result for its engineering entrance test-‘LPUNEST 2016’- on its official website. The candidates can download their result cards from and can access their ranks, scholarship status, counselling dates etc on this website. This result is for LPUNEST 2016 test, Phase- I A, which was held from 15th to 30th April 2016. The candidates from across the country had appeared for the exam in a large number.

The candidates who have cleared the entrance test are now going to attend the counselling process from 4th May to 9th May 2016. During this period, candidates have to fill their online seat preferences, and their seat allotment letter will be issued on 10th May 2016. After this, candidates can take admission in their allotted seats.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal informed: “LPU conducts entrance exam every year to get best students for its B.Tech programs, which are proven to be academically strong and hunt after by the students from all quarters.  This unique test measures the students’ abilities and is not only an entrance test but also a scholarship test. Candidates will also get scholarship upto Rs 1.5 Lakh per annum depending upon their performance in this test.  I am happy to share that the test was successfully conducted in 116 cities and result is also declared on time.” 

Illustrative, the candidates taking admission through online process under Phase 1A will be entitled for maximum scholarship slab. They will also avail Early Decision Benefit (EDB) and for this tuition fee of the year 2015 will be applicable to them. Applications for Phase 1 B of the test are also being received now and students can apply for the same till 31st May 2016.

Harvard Scientist interacted with LPU Students

  • “Personalized medicines provide better treatments in comparison to common treatments like chemotherapy”: Dr Bhasin

The School of Biotechnology & Biosciences of Lovely Professional University conducted interactive sessions on “Recent Trends in Genomics & Personalized Medicine” for LPU students and faculty-members. Renowned bio-informatician Dr Manoj K Bhasin and Dr GPS Raghava, Post- doctoral fellow at Oxford & Cambridge universities, reached LPU Campus for this great research boosting expedition to ultimately improve upon the prevalent medical prescriptions. Their interactions with LPU scientists motivated all to research in the area of treatments through personalized medicines, and big genomic data transfer for exact analysis. This is an ability to modify treatments for the unique characteristics of each patient, particularly in the cases of fatal considered diseases like cancer. It is being understood world over that personalized medicines provide better treatments and fewer side effects, in comparison to traditional common treatment through radiotherapy & chemotherapy.
Dr. Manoj K Bhasin is a Faculty of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and is also senior investigator for Mind Body Medicine in Boston. Dr Bhasin has strong track record in computational vaccine design, functional genomics, proteomics and systems biology with numerous scientific publications, multiple patents and copyrighted software. Whereas, an IITian Scientist, Dr GPS Raghava has wide research experience at prestigious universities of the UK, USA and South Korea including Oxford and Cambridge Universities. 

Dr Raghav shared: “Human ‘Genes’ are responsible for different special characterizations and are found in DNA of both plants and human beings. A researcher should have strong will-power to probe, learn and analyze on these lines. Now a days, the successfulness of the drugs to be prescribed can be well checked through computers rather than using those on animals. Through computer aided vaccine developments, identification of drug targets, personalized drugs can be made even against deadly diseases like Ebola, Zika virus, HIV or any other disease, as per case to case or individually. Earlier it was challenge to prepare drug for HIV as its virus mutate very fast. But after doing research on it we are helpful in making drugs for HIV treatment.”

Discussing certain case to case analysis, Dr Manoj Bhasin informed students: “In a pancreatic type of cancer no medicine, no drugs and no specific treatment has been diagnosed. Life of such a patient can be extended at the most up to 5 years, by using drugs, if cancer is diagnosed during the first stage. For using personalized medicine, tests are to be made to know what the requirements of the body of a particular patient are. So, personalized medicines are as per the ‘Gene’ of the patient, and these differ from person to person. In fact, now, doctors decide how to control cancer by researching in depth about the specific molecular and genetic makeup of their individual patient’s tumor instead of locating where in the body the cancer started.” He also shared a particular challenging case of a USA lady, who was affected by breast cancer, ovarian cancer, reoccurred ovarian cancer, leukemia, and blood cancer. This case proved as a supreme example out of genes affect, and also a great challenge for medical stream. He also laid stress on big genomic data transfer in a proper way for exact analysis.

International Conference on ‘Global Trends in Teacher Education’ inaugurated at LPU

  • Aim is to make academicians, researchers and policy-makers for deliberations on wide range of issues for enhancing the quality of teacher education
  • Keynote speakers on the inaugural day were Ex-Chairperson, NCTE, Prof Santosh Panda, and Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University  Prof Dr A M Moorthy 
  • 450+ delegates from all states of India and other countries including Thailand, Bangladesh and more are participating
  • “Teachers & Teacher-Educators must become Reflective Practitioners”: Prof Panda
  • “Teachers should prepare their students to be presenters not mere interactive”: Prof Moorthy

Two–day International Conference on ‘Global Trends in Teacher Education’ is inaugurated today at Lovely Professional University. LPU Schools of Education & Physical Education have aimed the conference to make academicians, researchers and policy-makers to deliberate on wide range of issues for enhancing the quality of teacher-education. 450+ faculty members from all states of India and other countries including Thailand, Bangladesh and more are participating. Keynote speakers on the inaugural day were Former Chairperson, National Council for Teacher Education, Prof Santosh Panda (IGNOU), and Vice Chancellor Prof Dr A M Moorthy of Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University Chennai. On this occasion, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal also released a three-volume book ‘Teacher Education in 21st Century’. Chancellor Mr Mittal asked all to utilize their learning they make at the conference for the bright career of themselves and their students. He also informed that of the 100 research papers selected for International Scopus publication 29 belong to LPU researchers.   

During first technical session for ‘Technologies & Teachers Professional Development’, Prof Panda said: “There is a great dearth of real teacher-educators in the country. Teachers must be prepared to make their students think, behave and look like professionals. Classrooms are to be converged in accordance to new technologies and wants. Teachers must reflect immensely while teaching & after teaching, and get engaged into variety of activities with their students than preparing them to be interactive only.” 

Similarly, Prof Dr Moorthy asked teachers to guide their students to be presenters. He said: “Such conferences provide an opportunity for professionals to update their knowledge and adopt the same in the talent identification, and promotion of efficiency among their students.” 
Thai teacher- educators, Dr Tanat Titiworatat and Dr.Vichian Puncreobutr, both from St. Theresa International College, Thailand, presented one of the selected research papers ‘Educational Management Readiness in Educating People along Thai-Lao Borders: A Case Study’. Research Paper of Dr. Mihir Kumar Mallick and  Ph.D research Scholar Karamjit Singh of LPU School of Education was on academic achievement  in social science: relative effect of collaborative learning and dialogue.

With 20 Lakh Package & 550 Students’ Single Day Selection-LPU sets the Highest Placement Record

  • International & national placements by Qatar Airways at Rs 20 Lakh, Hyatt Hotel USA at Rs 15 Lakh, Air India at Rs 8.50 Lakh; Practo Technologies at Rs 7.08 lakh; Josh Technology Rs 6.5 Lakh, LG Soft Rs 5.5 Lakh made LPU proud of its students 
  • Cognizant once again set new record in North India by selecting 550 Engineering students in just 1 day this session too, followed by Tech Mahindra’s selection of 249, I Gate Global solutions’ 73 and more 
  • 200+ Campus placement drives were made by other global giants including  Amdocs, ITC Info-tech, Vodafone, Redington India, Indigo Airlines, Jubilant Chemsys, MRF Tyres and other 
  • Be it Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Dell, Cisco, Oracle, Cadence or any other top-brand, LPU students can be seen there
  • LPU students are now working world over at packages of Rs One Crore 

Setting highest placement record in 2015-16 as well, Lovely Professional University is making new strides in placements of its students in top brands every year. International placements by Qatar Airways at highest salary package of Rs 20 Lakh and Hyatt Hotel USA at Rs 15 Lakh are highlights of the session up to now. Other top salary offering companies remained Air India (Rs 8.5 Lakh), Practo Technologies (Rs 7.08 Lakh), Josh Technology Rs 6.5 Lakh, LG Soft (Rs 5.5 Lakh) and many more. 200+ placement drives were made by top brands including 100+ drives for technology & sciences’ students and 60 for business administration students. Under these drives, LPU students have got placements in different sectors including Management, IT, Engineering, Banking, Agriculture, Consultancy, Architecture, Pharmaceuticals and other. By recruiting 550 students in a single drive, IT giant Cognizant once again remained top recruiter across all the sectors and clusters. Cognizant has set new record of consecutive selection in large number in North India, after selecting 610 students previously. It is followed by Tech Mahindra’s selection of 249 students, I Gate Global Solutions’ 73, and in similar number by many other companies.

Though companies from multiple sectors have recruited LPU students but the top sector to recruit largest number of LPU students again remained engineering. LPU School of Hotel Management led the race illustratively by witnessing 100% placements of its students.  Management students are selected by globally giant companies including XL Dynamics (75), Think & Learn (33), Practo Technologies (32), MRF Tyres (13); engineering students by CSS Corporation (30), and so on. Pharmacy students are preferred in large number by prestigious companies including Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Abbot India, Jubilant Chemsys, Life-Cell International, Omics Group; Hotel Management students by ITC Hotels, Bercos, The Grand, Zuri Whitefields; Fashion Technology students by Tommy Hilfiger, Biba Apparels, Madura Fashions, Vardhman Polytex; and agriculture students by Zenesis Agro-science and more. Education and physical education students also got coveted placements by Leap Start, Akal Academies, Focus Academy, and Imperial Sports Academy, Kooh Sports, Decathalon and more.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal inspires the students with the words “Always ‘Think Big’: LPU students have proven themselves in all spheres with great placement records during this session also. We feel proud when top recruiters speak overwhelmingly about potential of LPU students which make them secure placement offers semesters before their final examinations. Many a time students are seen pocketing more than 3-4 offers. I am happy to share that as per today, LPU alumni are working world over at packages up to Rs one crore, and are employed with prestigious companies including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Dell, Cisco, Oracle, Cadence and more.” Mr Mittal added: “LPU teachers and allied staff members are working hard to enhance students’ employability and entrepreneurial skills. Comprehensive pre-placement grooming classes; regular workshops for exchange of information and creating awareness about the emerging trends; important guest- lecture by industry experts and more of such endeavours are made to let students know high-tech tools and licensed software. LPU has memberships, academic and industrial tie-up with Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, EMC, Cadence, Tech Mahindra, SAE, LUPIN and CSS Corp. Although LPU ensures that students remain industry ready by imparting them training of global standard, yet students are also encouraged to choose entrepreneurship as a career. I am proud to inform that one of our students has been included in Forbes list of billionaires also.”

Governor of Arunachal Pradesh inaugurated International Symposium on Herbal Sweetener ‘Stevia’ at LPU

  • One-day organization brought scores of  industry, researchers, academicians, NGOs, farmers and entrepreneurs on a common platform 
  • Discussions held on importance & benefits of ‘Stevia’ for health, its farming, product development and international trade
  • Symposium strengthened India to protect and boost its traditional home remedies through ancient Ayurveda treatments & guidelines

His Excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa inaugurated international symposium on herbal sweetener ‘Stevia’ at Lovely Professional University today. LPU School of Biotechnology & Bio-Sciences had organized the symposium in collaboration with Green Valley Stevia (GVS) Bio-Tech. It brought hundreds of leading industry, researchers, academicians, NGOs, farmers and entrepreneurs on a common platform. Scores of international delegates from different countries including the USA, Canada, Malaysia and more participated. Important discussions were held on various beneficial topics of ‘Stevia’- for health, its farming, product development, international trade and more.

Various speakers informed that the leaves of Stevia – a herb from the Chyrsanthemum family – are intensely sweet. In sweetness, its growth of one acre is equal to the growth of sugarcanes in 36 acres. In spite of being 300-450 times sweeter than sugar, its extract is considered to be having zero percent sugar level.  Moreover, it needs less water than sugarcanes need for growth. Stevia helps in controlling blood glucose levels by using it as a natural sweetener. Everyone should be well aware of many health benefits of Stevia. In addition to controlling diabetes, this natural herb aids in weight loss, controls high blood pressure, kidney failures, heart attacks, reduces wrinkles and more health problems.
Addressing the delegates, students and faculty members, Hon’ble Governor Rajkhowa shared that diabetes is a great problem in India. He encouraged implementation of ancient Indian tradition not only in the country but on international level also to control the deadly disease. He said that different recommendations made at the symposium should be implemented for the general benefit of all. He also desired that certification procedures for the growth of Stevia, from the internal agencies, should be liberalized so that it may be promoted among unemployed ones and poor farmers.
Welcoming all, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal referred diabetes as the mother of all other fatal diseases including kidney failures, heart attacks, hypertension, blood pressure and more. He stressed on the growth of Stevia which is natural sweetener and a great sugar substitute. Mr Mittal informed: “We are happy to contribute to this great cause. At LPU, we have good combination of biotechnologists, pharmacists and agriculturists. Coming together we will certainly seek out solutions to the problems of the society. We always want that industry and universities should work together so that students may be well prepared for industry during their studies only.”

Director GVS Dr RPS Gandhi touched the topic ‘Stevia – A miracle plant- its benefits to farmers, consumers, environment and mankind’. He informed: “This symposium has proved itself as a historical day in the journey of Stevia awareness in India. Our motto here is to see wealthy farmer and healthy society, as the Stevia yield provides many a times more income than any other produce. In addition, it is highly beneficial in checking the many deadly diseases.”

Similarly, Chairman- Rural Outreach (P) Ltd. Dr MJ Khan appreciated the role of LPU in promotional endeavours of Stevia, and stressed that the farmers of Punjab should come forward to double their income through such valuable production. He also assured all that the deliberations and recommendations made at the symposium will be taken before the central consultation committee by the end of this very month. Also Sridhar Mosur CEO of Pixel Health Incorporation from Canada shared his views on Stevia expectations of industries in Food and Pharma.

Some of the other important topics covered in relation to Stevia are: Its origin with reference to Ayurveda in India by Dr. Vishad Tripathi; Miracle plant-its benefits to farmers, consumers, mankind; Challenges for its development; Importance of Academia-Industry-Farmers’ Administration; Stevia Promotion, and more.

LPU witnessed Gripping Staging of Punjabi-play ‘Main Bhagat Singh’

  • In association with Jalandhar District Administration, LPU staged cultural bonanza for theatre lovers
  • Play presentation was a part of week-long endeavour ‘Jalandhar Theatre Festival – Natya Mahotsav 2016’ 
  • Play forwarded a strong social and national consciousness among the audience

Gripping Punjabi-play ‘Main Bhagat Singh’ was staged today at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of Lovely Professional University, in association with Jalandhar District Administration. The play based on 13 characters and of 65 minutes duration presented four social ills- Unemployment, Child Labour, Wretched Condition of Farmers, Land Acquisitions and administrative atrocities thereof. Noted-actors enacted passionately by living their characters to the core and forwarded strong social and national consciousness among the audience. The performance of the play got standing ovation for full 10 minutes in appreciation of the subject, actors, director and writer of the play.

The play forwarded a strong message that there is revolutionary and heroic Bhagat Singh in each and every one of us, the need is only to awaken a Bhagat Singh sleeping within us and to raise voices against unnecessary tyranny and cruelty. The sacrifices made by martyrs have no doubt brought freedom for us but we are not free even today. The ‘Freedom’ which Shaheed Bhagat Singh had envisaged is still many miles away from all of us. Only the administrative hands have been changed, the systems of oppressing are the same. The play has a thematic poem of famous poet Pash “Khatarnaak hae sab ton khatarnaak hai, murdiaan vargi shanti naal bhar jaanaa” (The most dangerous is to get filled with silence of dead ones).

The play staged poor conditions of child-labourers Oma and Gobinda played by Gurnoor and Shaminder Sunny; Farmer Bakshi Singh and his wife and daughter enacted by Rang Harjinder, Jaspreet Kaur & Amandeep Kaur; Tea shop wwner played by Harjot Natraj; and, above all a mad considered Lachchhi Baba played by Gagandeep Singh, who has all worldly wisdom and serves as the spokes person of the writer.

The presentation of the play was a part of week-long theatrical endeavour as ‘Jalandhar Theatre Festival – Natya Mahotsav 2016’. The fest is being organized under the supervision and guidance of Jalandhar Deputy Commissioner Kamal Kishore Yadav. Bohemians Theatre Pupils Association is coordinating the festival. The play is written by many awards winning Prof Pali Bhupinder Singh, and was directed by Kirti Kirpal of Natyam Group (Jaitu) Bhatinda. SDM Jalandhar 1, Dr Rajat Oberoi was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Lovely Professional University grooves to the dhaamal of Coke Studio

A feeling of euphoria seized the air at a musical extravaganza brought to life by ‘Coke Studio’ today; one of India’s most loved and popular fusion music properties established by Coca-Cola India. The concert began on a dynamic note with power packed performances by India’s leading folk-fusion artiste Raghu Dixit and his entourage. The event soon reached a climax and the crowds got wild in the sprawling lawns of Lovely Professional University (LPU) when legendary folk singer Gurdas Maan and notoriously charming superstar Diljit Dosanjh’s enthralled the audience with a jugalbandi.
This mega musical evening, heavy on nostalgic melodies and peppy modern folklore, saw over 25,000 fans at LPU cheer an encore to smashing hits and break into Bhangra moves at every chance they got.

The Punjabi bigwigs recently collaborated for Coke Studio Independence Day special episode and in no time their track ‘Ki Banu Duniya Da’ became extremely popular with more than 11 million views on YouTube alone.

Speaking on the concert, Debabrata Mukherjee, Vice President, Marketing & Commercial, Coca-Cola India said, “It gives us immense pleasure to bring people together through Coke Studio. Coke Studio is a fusion platform which thrives on the youth’s passion for original music rooted in the Indian culture.  Today it’s is an occasion for us to bond and connect with youth of LPU through this music. And I have to say; the welcoming atmosphere at Lovely Professional University is something that always draws us back every time to stir a unique musical rhapsody. This concert today at LPU is our way of thanking Coke Studio’s 25,000 ardent fans at LPU for their constant love and support. I am sure they tasted the feeling of magic, just as we did with the signature fusion music of Coke Studio”.
Expressing his experience with Coke Studio, music sensation and versatile composer Gurdas Maan said, “Way back when I started my career, I really wished for a platform like Coke Studio, purely because for too long, musical creativity has been led by specific briefs. Coke Studio allows for longer format songs, fusion compositions, using local and traditional musical instruments etc. truly celebrating the diverse and rich musical heritage of our country. I commend the platform for re-connecting the youth with their roots. It was really enjoyable to perform for such a power packed audience today who thoroughly enjoyed the signature fusion music of Coke Studio.”

Explaining his association with Coke Studio, the electrifying singer Diljit Dosanjh said, “Coke Studio gives every artist an avenue to creative freedom. Not only does it provide a platform to showcase the unadulterated talent but also an opportunity to collaborate with musical maestros. Being Coca-Cola’s brand ambassador in Punjab it gives me great pride to perform on this stage and spread smiles through my music.”

Narrating his journey with Coke Studio, internationally reputed Indian singer-songwriter Raghu Dixit said, “It has always been a delightful experience associating with Coke Studio. It has played an integral part in making my music travel places and bring my music directly to the people. This was my first gig here and there was no way I could have missed performing for the people of Jalandhar. Their energy is so infectious that I look forward to returning to this heartwarming city again.”

Talking about hosting Coke Studio at LPU for the third time, Mr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor, LPU said, “The show undoubtedly turned out to be the most spectacular music event. We are grateful to Coke Studio that introduces our students to versatile music landscapes and provides an experience to see a LIVE performance by great talents from across our country. We have witnessed a positive influence and interest in students when they are exposed to this platform. Initially those who were hesitant are now inspired to choose music as their career. Our foreign students also get a real taste of the Indian culture. Everyone eagerly looks forward to this event year after year.”    

Apart from the concert, Coca-Cola India engaged with the youth of LPU through interesting on-ground activities. One such activity included the fun Coca-Cola can sleeving act, where music lovers could get their personalized cans with their images on the can. The musical evening also witnessed great participation through fun quizzes that gave winners an opportunity to click selfies with Gurdas Maan, Diljit Dosanjh and Raghu Dixit, thus creating everlasting memories at the event.
Four years ago, Coca-Cola and MTV came together to start a music revolution, that brought together different genres of music across 15 languages and 450 musicians from across the country. In its fourth year now, Coke Studio@MTV, a music show that celebrates diversity and talent, is going to be unlike any of the earlier seasons held previously.

A show that is immensely popular on television as it is on the digital medium; Coke Studio@MTV has so far registered over 3 Million Facebook fans and over 60 million hits on YouTube. The eagerly awaited new season of Coke Studio @MTV is around the corner and this one promises to be even bigger and better!

CM Badal launched Music Album “Lok-Geet”of Padma Bhushan Dr Barjinder Singh Hamdard

  • Elite gathering from all quarters of the society witnessed the release- ceremony
  • Album is tribute to the great folk-lore and cultural heritage of Punjab
  • “Dr Hamdard is powerful voice of Punjab both in Media & Music fields”: CM Badal
  • “Music is my passion”: Dr Hamdard
  • Seventh Album comprises eight folk songs with true essence of ‘Punjab & Punjabiat’

Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Parkash Singh Badal launched Music Album “Lok-Geet”voiced by Padma Bhushan Dr Barjinder Singh Hamdard, Editor-in Chief of Ajit Group of Publications. Elite gathering from all quarters of the society graced the release- ceremony celebrated at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of Lovely Professional University. This seventh album of Dr Hamdard is tribute to the great folk-lore and cultural heritage of Punjab.  Famous folk songs of Punjab, included in the album, are prevalent since time immemorial and are true in form with originality of contents. LPU students depicted deep seated emotions & varying moods, as conceived in the album through mesmerizing choreography. Eulogizing diverse endeavours of Dr Hamdard for Punjab and Punjabis all across the globe, CM Badal acknowledged him as a powerful voice of Punjab in Media, Music and all other allied fields.

Addressing the mammoth gathering of stalwarts from all sections of society, CM Badal said: “This day has become a historical one as the singer of these folk songs Dr Hamdard and the student- performers of LPU have contributed a lot to Punjab and Punjabiat more than any of the professional singers or performers have ever. With such a wonderful contribution Dr Hamdard has established himself as an institution through his unflinching commitment and hard-work towards Punjab. People of Punjab have great quality in them and I implore them that they should all follw Dr Hamdard to keep on working selflessly for the cause of Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat.”

Pictogram of Punjab, Punjabi, and Punjabiat, Padma Bhushan Dr Barjinder Singh Hamdard has led rich Punjabi literature and journalism on to the horizon. Addressing all, Dr Hamdard shared: “Music is my passion. I have always been fascinated by music since my childhood. Although I was fond of singing, yet I could not carry on this fondness seriously due to multiple involvements in my life and works. However, music is always an integral part of my being and has never faded away in spite of multifarious activities. Mostly, it is seen that our rich cultural inheritance is not regularly passed on to from one generation to the other in needed spirit. I wanted it to keep on flowing smoothly so is the present album ‘Lok Geet’ before you all. ”

The songs included in ‘Lok-Geet’ are: “Baajre dee raakhi;  Udedaa ve jaavin kaanvaa; Veer mere ne bag lawaaya; Piya na jaa; Ladi ve preet vaali; Channa door vasendiyaan; Yaar Sunehra Ghal Ve, and Boohe tere te baitha jogi.” The music director of these songs is Gurdeep Singh. The other six albums since 2003 are Jazbaat, Aahat, Sijda, Khushboo, Shrdhanjali, and Meri Pasand, which contain old songs, ghazals, and other genres in sublime and transcendental voice of Dr Hamdard.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal welcomed all at the album release ceremony and lauded the efforts of CM Badal for bringing peace and prosperity to the state and the country being five time CM of Punjab, as its the youngest and now as the veteran CM of the state. Mr Mittal also congratulated Dr Barjinder Singh Hamdard for having national honour Padma Bhushan and thanked him for selecting LPU campus for the prestigious ceremony. Executive Editor of Daily Ajit Satnam Singh Manak briefed about the event, and Prof Nirmal Jaura conducted the stage.

Present on the occasion were Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, S Tarlochan Singh, Dr Jaspal Singh, Sh Sunil Jakhar, S Suchcha Singh Chhotepur, S Iqbal Singh, Dr Daljeet Singh Cheema, S Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, Sh Sheetal Vij, Sh  Irwin Khanna, S Tajinder Singh Bittu, Sh Som Parkash,  Sh Kamal Sharma, Sh Ramesh Mittal, Sh Naresh Mittal, Sh Ashok Mittal, Smt Rashmi Mittal and many other great personalities of important ranks and social status.

Illustrative, the founder-Editor of Punjabi Tribune, Dr Hamdard established new credentials as a journalist, and eventually became Editor-in-Chief of the Ajit Group of Publications. He has added new milestones at every step of his illustrious journalistic career. Embodying the subtle and complex narrative of human relationships, his creativity is instilled with brilliant imagination & facts, be it in his editorials, books, poems, songs or speeches.  Recognition of brilliant journalistic and creative works has decorated him with many awards including ‘Padam Bhushan’ by the Government of India; ‘Shiromani Patarkar’ by Punjab Government, ‘Special Award’ by Shiromani Gurudwara Parbhandak Committee (SGPC) and Honorary D.litt by Punjabi University, Patiala. Dr Barjinder Singh also became M P (Rajaya Sabha) in 1998.

Drone to transport Blood during Emergency & other marked Projects Expo at LPU

  • Carrying the slogan ‘Start up LPU, Rise up LPU, NGXPO-2016 (Next Generation Expo-2016) is termed as India’s number one student based expo
  • Event is to push students to innovate 
  • CEOs, Marketing Heads visited Expo to hunt for next big ideas
  • Selected 350+ Start up projects from different domains of Engineering, Computer Applications, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Fashion Technology and more were showcased

Selected 350+ projects were showcased at Lovely Professional University today at its annual Next Generation Expo 2016 (NGXPO-2016) for innovative startup concepts of LPU students. Carrying the slogan “Start up LPU, Rise up LPU’, NGXPO-2016 is termed as India’s number one student based expo. Start-up projects from different domains of Engineering, Computer Applications, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, and Fashion -Technology attracted all. The most attractive project was out of the most modern online marketing trend where a drone was showcased transporting blood during emergency. Similarly, a mobile app oriented  project was there to fetch required amount of water at home as per recharge value. CEOs, Marketing Heads visited expo to hunt for next big ideas and encouraged the enterprising students. LPU Director General Er HR Singla inaugurated the Expo.
During Business talk hours at the Expo, Unit Head of ‘Shoppers Stop’ Mr Sandeep Kumar advised students that before embarking upon any of their projects they should have some related industry joining experience. This one-two years’ experience will lead them to have a proper know-how about the latest trends prevalent in the market so that they may be successful. For small start ups, students should identify the nearest market for their products and low budget advertisement methods as through Cable-TVs, pamphlets and more. He also informed students that recruiters always judge integrity and lively disposition in a candidate.

As many parts of India are facing scarcity of water, LPU students’ projects ‘Smart Water Conservation for Next Gen Cities’, ‘Smart Rain Harvesting’, ‘Kharcham Wangtoo Hydro Electric Power Plant Prototype’, ‘Grey Water & Its Conservation’ were there to provide great solution to the existing water problems.  Ankit Badola informed about handy ‘Solar Power Bank’ which can prove a boon to the solar power user on immediate needs during long drives. ‘Earthquake Resistance Suspension Bridge’ project explained how bridges with large number of vehicles can remain without vibrations & tremors less during earthquakes. A new type of laser technique utilized project ‘Target Shoot’ is to train shooters for Olympics and military men on training. For traffic problem, sensors oriented ‘Automobile Jammer’ was there to stop vehicles altogether before red lights and to start afresh on seeing green lights. For hot and cold areas, and ‘Temperature Regulating Building’ project guided how to keep houses air-conditioned in low budget.

One of the projects from the civil engineering department of LPU School of Polytechnic ‘Solid Waste Management (SWM)’ displayed the organized process of storage; collection, transportation, and disposal of solid refuse in an engineered sanitary landfill. LPU student Paarth Sharma explained well how their project is a great help for SWM. In fact, SWM is one of the major challenges being faced by many countries around the globe. Inadequate collection, recycling or treatment and uncontrolled disposal of waste in dumps can lead to severe hazards, such as health risks and environmental pollution. 
For ‘Smart Stove’ project, Aditya Partap Singh of School of Electronics & Electricals informed that in rural areas most of the heat is produced from “Traditional Chullahs”, but their efficiency is quite low. There, heat is not concentrated over one place, and gets spread uselessly in all the directions. So, a part of heat produced is used for cooking while remaining gets wasted. This project is focussed on how to convert this wasted heat into electricity for further diverse usage.

DGP Punjab Conferred honour on 2000 LPU Students

  • Occasion was 7th University Honour Ceremony for the best performers in the domains of Research, Academics, Sports, Cultural Activities, Community Services and Placements
  • Achiever-students are awarded with University Rolls of Honour and Cash Prizes of Rs 20 Lakh for their excellence 
  • “To be successful never give up hard-work, and never be on the wrong side of Law”:  DGP Suresh Arora advised LPU students
  • “LPU students are myth breakers & multi-talented under varied exposure”: Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal

Lovely Professional University organized its 7th 'University Honour Ceremony', today, to honour its meritorious & talented students. Director General of Police, Government of Punjab, Suresh Arora IPS honoured 2000 LPU students. Illustrious students were awarded with prize money of Rs 20 Lakh along with University Rolls of Honour. The ceremony is held annually to recognize students’ achievements in the fields of research, academics, sports, placements, cultural activities & community services. The parents of the students from different states of India and other countries too witnessed the honouring ceremony of their wards. Lovely Group Chairman Mr Ramesh Mittal, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal & Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal welcomed the elite guest.
Sharing his personal life and wide experiences, DGP Arora advised students: “In order to be successful never leave hard-work aside, and never be on the wrong side of the Law. Keep this deep seated in your mind that ultimately hard work is going to pay. When I see your faces, I recall my own youthful days and gather that youth has its own common mind set-up. But I am sure that many of you will be certainly going to do differently and carve a strong place in the society. This is a beginning for you in the right direction, do whatever you like but be always on the track of studies. I also want to lay stress on the stark reality that there is no elevator to success; one has to take a stair. On times there can be failures or depressions; however, the strongest and successful persons are those who do not give up when they lose.” Describing himself as a firm believer in service concept, the top-ranked officer was benevolent enough to share his personal email account with LPU students for any kind of support, service or advice as per needs.

Prior to this, LPU Chancellor accorded a warm welcome to the DGP Arora by quoting him as “a Saint in Uniform”, who is always up to his commitments, leadership and positive attitude lying deep seated within him.  Congratulating students & their parents, Chancellor Mr Mittal said: "Every year our students strive in outstanding manner to bring more and more laurels to the university. This year achievers have risen to a massive number of 2000. I am happy to share that LPU students are myth breakers & multi-talented under varied exposure provided to them by their teachers and mentors. It is usually said that sports and cultural activities’ students do not prove good in academics. LPU students have proved this wrong by excelling in such fields with 9+ CGPA. Moreover most of them belong to hard professional programs like engineering, pharmacy, biosciences rather than performing or fine arts. At times an LPU student can be a perfect classical dancer, athlete, researcher, innovator or more as per the needs. They are not only imparted world class education but are also shaped into holistic human beings.” Mr Mittal was also happy to express that students’ attainments are in a way perfect branding of the University for others to observe and applaud.

One of the awarded students Shaista Afzal Majeedi (B.Sc Economics), who has 10 CGPA shared: “LPU has transformed me into a hard working scholar to get A+ grade in all the courses.” Similarly, Nidhi Nayan, who participated in Republic Day Parade in New Delhi this year under community services, was very humble in accepting that whatever she is today is only due to the teachings received at the university. Researcher Kunal Adhikari, who is the best Odissi dancer also shared that his parents’ decision to get him enrolled at LPU has proved out as the supreme decision. Similar are the versions of other parents who joined the ceremony from far-off places to see their highly placed sons and daughters receive their honour. Parents felt grateful to university for developing personality of their wards through time to time encouragements.