LPU witnessed Gripping Staging of Punjabi-play ‘Main Bhagat Singh’

  • In association with Jalandhar District Administration, LPU staged cultural bonanza for theatre lovers
  • Play presentation was a part of week-long endeavour ‘Jalandhar Theatre Festival – Natya Mahotsav 2016’ 
  • Play forwarded a strong social and national consciousness among the audience

Gripping Punjabi-play ‘Main Bhagat Singh’ was staged today at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of Lovely Professional University, in association with Jalandhar District Administration. The play based on 13 characters and of 65 minutes duration presented four social ills- Unemployment, Child Labour, Wretched Condition of Farmers, Land Acquisitions and administrative atrocities thereof. Noted-actors enacted passionately by living their characters to the core and forwarded strong social and national consciousness among the audience. The performance of the play got standing ovation for full 10 minutes in appreciation of the subject, actors, director and writer of the play.

The play forwarded a strong message that there is revolutionary and heroic Bhagat Singh in each and every one of us, the need is only to awaken a Bhagat Singh sleeping within us and to raise voices against unnecessary tyranny and cruelty. The sacrifices made by martyrs have no doubt brought freedom for us but we are not free even today. The ‘Freedom’ which Shaheed Bhagat Singh had envisaged is still many miles away from all of us. Only the administrative hands have been changed, the systems of oppressing are the same. The play has a thematic poem of famous poet Pash “Khatarnaak hae sab ton khatarnaak hai, murdiaan vargi shanti naal bhar jaanaa” (The most dangerous is to get filled with silence of dead ones).

The play staged poor conditions of child-labourers Oma and Gobinda played by Gurnoor and Shaminder Sunny; Farmer Bakshi Singh and his wife and daughter enacted by Rang Harjinder, Jaspreet Kaur & Amandeep Kaur; Tea shop wwner played by Harjot Natraj; and, above all a mad considered Lachchhi Baba played by Gagandeep Singh, who has all worldly wisdom and serves as the spokes person of the writer.

The presentation of the play was a part of week-long theatrical endeavour as ‘Jalandhar Theatre Festival – Natya Mahotsav 2016’. The fest is being organized under the supervision and guidance of Jalandhar Deputy Commissioner Kamal Kishore Yadav. Bohemians Theatre Pupils Association is coordinating the festival. The play is written by many awards winning Prof Pali Bhupinder Singh, and was directed by Kirti Kirpal of Natyam Group (Jaitu) Bhatinda. SDM Jalandhar 1, Dr Rajat Oberoi was the Chief Guest on the occasion.


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  7. Most Lovely Professional University ever, in good association with New York District Administration. Fact that The Professional University play based on 14characters and of 45 minutes duration presented four added social ills- Unemployment, Child Labour also included , Cheap Writing, Wretched good number and Condition of Farmers, Noted-actors logically enacted passionately by living their own characters to the fully core and forwarded with strong best social and national consciousness among the University audience.

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