LPU Alumnus’ VFX-Ventures Nominated for Student Oscars in California (USA)

  • Anticipating to see his undertakings emerge ‘winner’ at 43rd Student Academy Awards
  • Hansjeet has touched those aspects which have never been explored before, even in Hollywood
  • “Since my days at LPU, Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ always serves as an inspiration to try new experiences”: LPU Alumnus Hansjeet 

September 22, 2016 can prove to be a historical day for Lovely Professional University when one of its alumni Hansjeet Singh Duggal’s artistry is anticipated to be winner at 43rd Student Academy Awards. These awards are commonly known as ‘Student Oscars’.  A graduate of LPU School of Business, and presently a qualified Visual-effects (VFS) artist, Hansjeet has provided visual effects to two nominated films for academy awards. One of these films is a documentary and the other narrative, both of which are thought provoking and artful works. The award presentation will be held at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal wishes him all the best to come out in flying colours at the award ceremony.
The nominated 15-minute documentary ‘Gardeners of the Forest’ is depicting Hansjeet’s artistic excellence. It is directed by Ceylan Carhoglu and Nicole Jordan-Webber and is all about ruthless treatment given to elephants in Thailand. In fact, Thailand’s nearby area ‘Laos’ had a million elephants, but now only a few hundred elephants are left. So, it is all about elephant conservation.  Second nomination, a narrative, is titled as ‘It's Just a Gun’. It is directed by famous film-maker and photographer Brian Robau and shows life of a Gun, and how it passes from one hand to the other. 
Hansjeet has shared that working on both the nominated projects provided him experience & exposure for even those aspects which were never explored before, even in Hollywood. He shares: “Since my early student days at LPU, American poet Robert Frost’ s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ always serves as an inspiration to try new experiences. On these lines my quest for being a capable story-teller through novel learning is on.” Sharing about his experience at LPU, he says: “My time at LPU was very inspiring and encouraging. In addition to polish me in my studies, LPU shaped me to be a good orator. My mentors at LPU culled my skills that they recognized in me. I have been drawing and sketching since my school days, and only when I joined LPU I learned and realized the application of the same. Now I am applying the same talent for my professional life.” 

Prior to these nominated ventiures, Hansjeet has also worked on various other illustrious projects of awakening and awareness and has got many other prestigious awards and honours. One of his teachers at LPU, Senior Dean Dr Sanjay Modi shares: “Hansjeet always remained as one of the favourite students among all of his teachers during his stay at LPU. He was not only serious towards studies but also remained active participant in allied activities, even as an anchor. He always cared about animal welfare, arts and culture, children education and more.” 

‘Student Academy Awards’ are presented by Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences (US) for excellence in cinematic achievements. Established in 1972, the Awards are to provide a platform for emerging global filmmakers by creating opportunities within the industry to showcase their work and art. This US competition is open to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students whose films are made within the curricular structure of an eligible accredited institution. Hansjeet is presently a student of Chapman University in California. The US competitions are in four categories: Alternative, Animation, Narrative and Documentary.


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