LPU Scientist’s Anti-Cancer Drug Design is among World's Top 3 Proposals in German Competition

  • Proposal was made at the Spring Challenge-2016 of Bio-SolveIT (Germany) along with thousands of other proposals from across the world
  • Spring Challenge-2016  is a global competition on the discovery of novel drugs against dreaded diseases
  • Two other proposals are from institutions of Italy and Germany

Lovely Professional University (LPU) Scientist, Dr Surendra Nayak, has won global accolades at the Spring Challenge-2016 of Bio-SolveIT, Germany.  Faculty member at LPU School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr Nayak’s anti-cancer drug design proposal has been pronounced among world's top 3 proposals. Highlighting, Dr Nayak’s forwarding has been selected from 10,000 + other proposals received from across the world. Two other top proposals are from the prestigious institutions of Italy and Germany. Now, Bio-Solve IT has further provided scientifically recognized ‘Drug Design’ software package, for one year, to further support and strengthen this research output. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated Dr Nayak and wished him to be ever globally winner in his further researches.
Bio-Solve IT's CEO Carsten Detering has informed from Germany: “The global competition has finished its first stage recently with three winners who are now admitted into the next round to continue with their great research work. All three of them have now received an extension to further advance their projects to be declared a final winner. Technically speaking, Dr Nayak’s work is in cancer research on the controlling of "interaction between Protein p53 & enzyme MDM2.”

Explaining in a layman’s language Dr Nayak informed: “Anti -cancer medicines available in the present market have different mechanism. These not only damage cancer cells but also destroy normal cells of the body during cancer curing, thus causing several adverse effects. However, our body has sufficient form of natural protein ‘p53’ which is itself anti-cancer, or cancer suppressor. 
This protein cleans the internal body by removal of unwanted, defective cells from the body and killing cancer cells. Reverse to it, an enzyme-protein MDM2 is also found inside the body, which is a negative regulator of the p53 protein. So, in cancer cells, good protein ‘p53’ becomes inactive due to its degradation by MDM2 enzymes and anticancer function is blocked. So, the purpose of my research formulation is to protect p53 protein from MDM2 to enhance the self-protecting capacity of human-body. Thus, blocking the interaction between these two proteins, anti to each other, is my promising therapeutic concept under current investigation in oncology drug research.”   Elated Dr Nayak further shared: “We are on the way to find some new drugs which can block the degradation of p53 selectively. These new drugs will not damage the human cell DNA and only increase the level of p53 in cancer cells. We are hopeful this new formulation to be the best treatment for variety of cancers.” 

Illustrative, LPU Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences has many research works to its credit. These include ‘Improved oral targeted drug delivery system’ which is published as US, European, Chinese, Japanese and Indian patent; whereas, ‘Improved coal tar formulation for treatment of dandruff and other scalp diseases and its method of preparation thereof’ and ‘Sugar free Draksha  Asava, a Hydro Alcoholic Formulation’ have been applied as Indian Patents.  One other faculty member of LPU Dr Sachin received Bharat Shiksha Ratan Award from Global Society of Health and Educational Growth, and another Dr Navneet Khurana has been awarded with Jewel of India Award by Indian Solidarity Council. Advanced animal studies are also underway, at LPU, for the welfare of the society


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  9. The global competition has finished its first stage recently with three winners who're now admitted into the next round to continue making use of their great research work. All three of these have now received an extension to help expand advance their projects to be declared your final winner.

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