Jalandhar Administration & LPU collaborated to observe International ‘Spinal Cord Injury Day’ at LPU Campus

  • One & a half kilo-meter long ‘Spinal Cord Injury Day’ Rally was organized to aware students about precautions to be taken to prevent such injuries
  • Eminent guests of the day were Deputy Commissioner, Police Commissioner, Assistant Police Commissioner of Jalandhar

Aiming to encourage spinal cord injured persons lead an inclusive life, the Jalandhar Administration & Lovely Professional University joined hands to observe ‘International SCI Day’ at LPU Campus. More than 150 SCI affected persons, their family members and LPU students participated in the event. On this occasion, one & a half kilo-meter long ‘Spinal Cord Injury Day’ rally was also organized on the campus roads to aware about those injuries which shatter lives of injured ones. It was also to awaken people how they can come forward to assist such affected ones. This year LPU has enrolled 20 SCI affected students by providing them 100% scholarship. On this occasion, all of them sang morale boosting songs of inspiration “Itni shakti humen dena data” & “Give me some shine” from the movie ‘Three Idiots’, which brought tears from in the eyes of on-looking people. 

Eminent guests present on the main dais were Deputy Commissioner Jalandhar Kamal Kishore Yadav, Police Commissioner Arpit Shukla, Assistant Police Commissioner Deepika Singh, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal, Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal and President SCI Jalandhar Association Parvinder Singh Sonu. Commissioner Shukla praised LPU Management for unique efforts made for uplifting the SCI affected persons, especially in providing 100% scholarship. Praising SCI Association members and other affected persons, Mr Shukla said that all of them have great courage in not only bringing themselves up but for helping other affected ones also. He, especially, urged the national level media houses to cover the success-stories of SCI affected ones so that such people may get encouraged towards normal life. DC Yadav ensured that he and his administration is always ready to accord them each and every help, as all of them are very close to his heart; ACP Deepika wanted people to feel the discomforts of SCI affected ones for rendering them regular inspiration; whereas, Chancellor Mr Mittal wished that the acts of humanity may bring a saintly title to such Indians also.

Worth mentioning, International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) observes ‘Spinal Cord Injury Day’ on every 5th September to awaken general public to facilitate an inclusive life for “injured” persons, and to propagate prevention programs. During awareness rally by 150 wheel-chaired persons, placards were displayed with pledges of precautions. Most of the placards instructed to observe traffic rules as most of the SCI cases emerge from road accidents. These were read as:  “I will never use mobile phone while driving or crossing the road; follow all safety rules like putting on Seat Belt/ Helmet; help disabled ones while crossing roads; use only footpath while walking; follow Zebra Crossing; look both sides of the road before crossing; and, many more”.

 SCI affected LPU student Neha, who is studying in B Sc Airlines, Tourism & Hotel Management Program, and other students thanked LPU for providing them golden chance of being regular students under all facilities. Neha wished that Indian scientists may come out with such medicines and treatments through which SCI affected ones may be able to live a full-fledged life once again. 


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