30000+ School Students, 100 + Principals attended annual event ‘Explorica’at LPU

  • Exclusive event is to guide school students about right career path after 10+2
  • Two-day mega event included competitions for Gyan Manthan, Students’ Projects, Literary, Fine & Performing Arts and also Academic Exposition  
  • Competitive events’ winners got cash prizes in lacs of rupees

Lovely Professional University organized its annual two-day event ‘Explorica’ to guide school students about right career path after 10+2. The event saw massive participation of 30000+ students from 300 schools and 100 + Principals, where young students showcased their talent on a larger platform. More than 100 informative stalls were put up by LPU students and faculty members. This year, a new dimension was added to the event in the form of School Principals’ Summit on the topic ‘Emotional Intelligence, Value meaning and Relevance in Education’ to forward leadership skills. LPU also showcased university projects to guide school-students that after their schools, life in university is all about creating new projects and following their passion.

Visiting students discovered, learnt and participated actively in competitive, non- competitive events including Gyan Manthan, Academic Exposition, School Students’ Projects, Literary, Fine & Performing Arts competitions. Students also enjoyed the international cultural diversity at simultaneously going on international fest ‘One World’ of the university. Competitive events’ winners also got cash prizes in lacs of Rupees.

Participating Principals S J S Hundal (Mayor World School), Ms Anila Nayyar (Aurobindo School Baddi, Himachal Pradesh), Mr Maninder ( DPS Chandigarh) unanimously hinted: “ The event was very motivational where not only students but we also learnt much about leadership and social skills in getting along well with others.” School-students’ projects like “Hydraulic City, Pollution Free City, Potato Gun, Bio-Diesel Plant, Burglar Alarm, Tree-Shifter Hydraulic Machine, Multiple Chulah, LoC Laser Beam Security Device’ and many other were applauding.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal informed: “Realizing our social responsibility to renew India's potential for intellectual leadership and national progress, LPU has initiated ‘Explorica’ to nurture young minds right from their school days. This program is sure to broaden the vision of school students. This is in accordance to our policy to rejuvenate education at all levels by starting with schools, which will ultimately enlighten the society.”

Under Academic Exposition, LPU students and teachers guided about different study-programs in details to school students for their career ahead. LPU department of Business inspired visitors about entrepreneurship; department of Agriculture exhibited soil-less production, vertical farming, the best tomato produce through infra red and blue light usage, hydrophonic agriculture and more; department of Fashion taught them about latest fashion trends and modeling; from Journalism and Film Production departments students learnt how to be reporters, content writers, anchors and more; the Robotics & Intelligent Computers Systems society showcased their achievements in the fields of automotives and solar energy usage. Similarly, other departments revealed the best in them through various exhibitions and expositions made by them.


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