Lovely Professional University and Indian Institute of Architects (Chandigarh Punjab Chapter) organizing International Architectural Conference

  • Top Architects & Planners from USA, Europe, Australia and all over India will participate in the conference
  • Three-day architectural conference ‘NICHE-IPM-2016’ will be organized from 11th to 13th November
  • Ambassador of Republic of Togolaise His Excellency Logosu Teko Kanyi Galley will be the Chief Guest at the inaugural day

After the grand success of NICHE 2014, and completion of 100 years of Indian institute of Architects (IIAs), Lovely Professional University in collaboration with IIAs (Chandigarh Punjab Chapter) is organising the second edition of the international architectural conference ‘NICHE-IPM-2016’ (Neo- International Conference of Habitable Environments & International Professionals Meet) from 11th to 13th Nov 2016, dealing with architecture, planning and design. Ambassador of Republic of Togolaise His Excellency Logosu Teko Kanyi Galley will be the Chief Guest at the inaugural day.
Supporting the Prime Minister Narender Modi’s mission of Smart Cities India, professionals from various backgrounds will contribute towards the aim of the conference with their expertise. NICHE-IPM 2016 comprises of series of events with a strong global inclination devoted to pioneering technologies and expertise from smart to sustainable initiatives. The conference focuses on growth, innovation, skills and sustainability with the goal of making India a better place to work and live.
Various international and national guests for the NICHE-IPM 2016 will be Ar.Matthew Taylor from Australia, Dr.Arlene Plevin from USA, Ms. Mateja Geder from Slovenia, Ms. Paola  Maratani from Italy, Prof. D.S. Meshram(President ITPI), Prof.Chetan Vaidya(Director-SPA Delhi), Dr P.S.N. Rao (Chairman DUAC), Ar.Manoj Mathur (Head Architecture Department SPA Delhi, Dr.Ashok Kumar(Urban planner SPA Delhi, Mr. Mukul Kulkarni(Principal Designer- White Design),Dr.S.Ghoshal (Director UPES Design School) Mr. S.M.Chaudhary (Bamboo Expert), Ms. Shivani Sharma (Head, Saffron Touch).

Chief Patron and Patron for the conference is LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal,  Patron Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal and Publication Chair is Chief Architect of LPU Associate Professor Ar. Atul Singla. The principal objective of this conference is to share experiences of various experts from the field of built environment. To achieve same, the conference will aim towards sustainable environment through the sub themes of urban planning and infrastructure, sustainable built environment, design innovations and more.


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