Maldivian Defence Minister visited LPU

  • Occasion was a seminar on ‘Capacity Building & Youth Empowerment’ for LPU students

His Excellency, Minister of Defence and National Security (Government of Maldives) Adam Shareef Umar visited Lovely Professional University today. Occasion was Maldivian Minister’s dialogues of utmost importance to LPU students on the topic ‘Capacity Building & Youth Empowerment’, which is of great interest to both India and Maldives. His interaction with LPU students proved gratifying when HE personally recognized potentiality of LPU in capacity building for engaging youth. He was accompanied by his wife Ms Zeenaz Adnan and Principle Director of Department of International Defence Cooperation and Policy (Maldives) Colonel Abdul Matheen Ahmed. Lovely Group Vice-Chairman Mr Naresh Mittal welcomed the high profiled guests from Maldives.

One of the top Maldivian politicians, Mr Adam Shareef is also ‘Special Envoy’ of the President of the Maldives. Graduating from the University of East Anglia (UK), with an MA in Education, he has also served as Minister of State for Education after starting his career as a primary teacher more than 30 years back.  Being basically a teacher, he completely understands what are the existing needs & aspirations of students and what are expectations from them in present scenario. Now, coming closer LPU and Maldives will work together on various capacity building projects for engaging maximum of youth on positive notes in both the countries.

Referring LPU as one of the best universities in the world with bountiful resources, Mr Minister said to students: “Be better & responsible persons; help & educate your colleagues & class-fellows too; and help in creating society a better existence globe over.” Lamenting the materialistic pursuits in the 21st century, he guided students to avoid unhealthy exercises and unexpected behavior. He also expected students not to be merely money focused and economics oriented. Informing about great bondage between India and Maldives, he said: “Both the countries have a long history of esteemed and strong bonding between people and people. There exists common culture, special loving feelings without any of the conflicts, and indeed great relationship between the two. We in Maldives always believe that India is ever-ready to help us in any of the crises.” He also shared that many of his staff members are also getting special training at LPU.

LPU Executive Deans Dr Lovi Raj Gupta & Dr Sanjay Modi apprised HE Adam Shareef about different endeavours being taken by LPU towards capacity building and youth empowerment. Associate Director of International Affairs at LPU Mr Aman Mittal also shared the main dais.   One of the Maldivian students Ismail, who is pursuing B Sc Biotechnology at LPU said: “We are greatly inspired to see great leaders of our country amid us to inspire and guide the entire young generation. We are fortunate to be at LPU which always provides us bigger platforms to co-exist in an individual and special way to be a better part of global society.”


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