Ambassador of Libya inaugurated Mega Science Conference ‘RAFAS-2016’ at LPU

  • Scientists & Researchers from UK, Russia, China, France, Hungary, India and more participated
  • International Conference was aimed on “Recent Advances in Fundamental and Applied Sciences”
  • All the areas of sciences including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, Bio Sciences and more were probed dynamically

The School of Chemical Engineering & Physical Sciences of Lovely Professional University organized international conference on “Recent Advances in Fundamental and Applied Sciences (RAFAS) 2016”. The objective was to explore cutting edge research and model changing discoveries in fundamental and applied sciences. His Excellency Ali Abd-Al Aziz-Al Isawi, Ambassador of the State of Libya to India, inaugurated the conference. Informing that he got a rare chance to serve India second time as an ambassador, H.E. Ali Abd-Al Aziz-Al Isawi expressed that this time he would like to work for youth, which is great asset of both the countries. Appreciating the initiative taken for global conference, he wished it to be a grand success for the sake of entire human race. Scientists & Researchers from UK, Russia, China, France, Hungary, India and more participated. During six sessions of the conference, the areas of science including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, Bio Sciences and more were probed to churn out beneficial principles & solutions for the global society. On this occasion, an ‘Abstract Book’, containing 210 society needed research synopsis, was also released.
Prior to this, greeting the Chief Guest and extending warm welcome to noted scholars and delegates from academia and industry, LPU Chancellor & Chief Patron of the conference, Mr Ashok Mittal implored all inventors & researchers engaged in diverse fields of science to keep on helping society through their versatile endeavours. Mr Mittal said: “This conference will help us create new knowledge and design innovative methods to address the challenges faced by society today and those that are to follow. I hope that all the participants will have an exciting and rewarding time at LPU and they will go back enriched with more new ideas to explore.” He also informed that after following selection criteria for more than 600 research papers received from across the world, chosen 200 research papers will be published in the Scopus Index. 

Inaugural session of the conference was addressed by Prof Dr Yuanhua Lin from China and Prof Dr Margit Fabian from Hungary. Addressing Dr Fabian informed about understanding of the new medium used for nuclear waste storage for radioactive waste control. Prof Dr Dino Jaroszynski from Scotland (UK) talked about progress in next-generation plasma-based amplifiers, accelerators and radiation sources for their being of lower cost and compactness in comparison to conventional technology. Prof Dr Richard Emilion from University of Orléans (France) projected that “mixtures of densities arise naturally when a statistical population contains several subpopulations”.  He proposed some constructions of mixtures of dependent densities. Prof Dr Ambrish Singh from the Southwest Petroleum University (China) talked about rust inhibitor for mild steel.  An abstract from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, described about ‘Magnetism’ in non-magnetic Nano-graphite. 

Illustrative, advances in science and technology have influenced every aspect of modern life – including comfort in the way people live, connect, communicate, and transact. From synthetic fibres, plastics, medicines, agro-products, paints, varnishes, to superconductors and transmitters have totally transformed the world displaying the power of science and technology. An in depth understanding of chemistry, physics and mathematics is essential to solve the emerging issues. At present, mutual coordination between academia and industry is extremely important for the growth of science. Keeping this in mind, this conference offered different platforms for sharing of unpublished results. The conference therefore aimed to explore common areas of interest for innovation and benefits. 


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