Australian Scientist guided LPU Students on Emerging Technologies

  • Occasion was international conference on Intelligent Circuits and Systems (ICICS 2016) at LPU 
  • “Use the knowledge of science for the betterment of society”:  Prof (Dr) Charles Malpas, University of Melbourne, Australia 
  • LPU School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering organized the conference to develop an intellect among its budding scientists

The School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) of Lovely Professional University (LPU) organized two-day international conference on ‘Intelligent Circuits and Systems (ICICS 2016) at LPU Campus. The aim was to provide an exceptional platform to academic, research and industrial communities to gain awareness about emerging technologies in the area of electronics. Renowned Australian Scientist Prof (Dr) Charles Malpas from University of Melbourne, Australia, urged LPU students and other participants to use the knowledge of science for the betterment of society. Prof Malpas guided them on emerging technologies and research.

During the massive proceedings of the conference, emphasis was laid on the active participation of young minds in the active research and their application in day to day life. One of the conclusion was that through these endeavours a common man can be benefitted maximum through the proper utilization of science. Welcoming the Australian scientist at the campus, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated all participants, organizing team and students for bringing research findings for the common usage of the society. Mr Mittal also thanked all advisers from international, national and corporate sectors, including the scientists from the universities of the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Iran, institutions of India like IITs, NITs, DRDO, CSIO, CSIR and more who from time to time kept on guiding the proceedings of the conference.

One of the interesting papers presented ‘IoT: Pillars And Technology’ was much related to the present time which clearly indicated to all and sundry that IoT (Internet of Things) deployment is increasing. As many as 50 billion devices and objects could be connected to the internet for extraordinary opportunities by 2020. As soon as one gets connected, the next topic that customers think about is whether it is secure or not. The scientists are working hugely on different pillars including Network Connectivity, Computing, Security, Data Analytics and more to unify cyber and physical security to deliver all kinds of operational benefits.

With a great participation of delegates from academia and industry, the conference proved a huge success where participants presented their individual and collective findings and research works. More than 250 research papers were presented by authors from national and international institutions. These research papers are to be published in Scopus indexed reputed international journals.


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  4. The scientists are working hugely on different pillars including Network Connectivity, Computing, Security, Data Analytics and more to unify cyber and physical security to deliver all kinds of operational benefits. wireless.

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