LPU Architecture Students lifted 4 Top Trophies for NASA- Zonal Competitions at Delhi NCR

  • 70+ architectural institutions of the northern zone had competed for prestigious trophy
  • LPU students presented futuristic designs in combination of natural environment, fashionable style and managed greenery 
  • NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) had organized the annual Zonal event
Students of the School of Architecture & Design at Lovely Professional University (LPU) won four top trophies for ZoNasa-2016 competitions held in Delhi (NCR). Occasion was the northern zone meet of the National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA). Budding architects of LPU made a clean sweep over 70+ architectural institutions of the zone by winning prestigious trophies of the different competitions held. These trophies are Landscape Trophy (with Citation 1); Design Competition Trophy (Citation 1); Theme ASKEW Trophy (Special Mention 1); and, Fashion Trophy (Special Recognition 1). Thousands of contesting students were from the top architecture schools of Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi NCR, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Uttarakhand. 
The four day premier architectural event was judged by eminent architects of the country. LPU team of 51 students of BArch Programme of all the years excelled all other students in different competitions of creativity, designing and fun. Congratulating the winning students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “Winning of this coveted event shows that our School of Architecture & Design stands as a top institution amongst the best. I advise students to keep on working hard to bring more laurels to themselves, their parents and alma mater and to have a brilliant career ahead.” 

Some of the participating students including Laraib, Aminesh, Prabhsharan, Gurshan, Sameeksha, Amit, Hitesh, Pallavi, Tanya, Rahul informed in details about different competitions of the event. They shared: “In fact, it is indeed a dream for every architecture student to win ZoNasa competition. This year the theme given for ‘ZoNasa 2016’ design and curricular trophies was ‘Askew’, which means things which do not include right angles. Our team members did well in all competitions. For landscape category we followed concept of ‘Eco Vogue Silviculture’, which means combination of natural environment, prevalent style and managed greenery.” For Design Competition, LPU students’ efforts turned a simple club into futuristic design which can move on land, go with flow of wave and move along the breeze. Similarly, for the fashion category, the concept of LPU team was “wearable architecture” in black & white, where all the nine garments designed were inspired from different principles of architecture.

The event ‘ZoNASA’ is held every year by NASA to test the skills of architecture students. Besides the architectural skills and academics, the cultural talent in the students is also tested during the event. This is a competition where no prior preparations can help the competing students. Winning of these trophies is only possible if the students are with overall good academic endeavours, training and regular work at the department. The objective here is to provide students from varied cultural backgrounds a common platform for interaction, learning and to share their knowledge.


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