LPU preparing its Girl-Students as Ambassadors of Self-Protection

  • Internationally acclaimed trainer from Tata Group is training the students
  • Taught students about the usage of unnatural weapons like comb, hair-pins, dupatta, bag lying always with them 
  • Under corporate social responsibility, LPU organized empowering sessions to make students learn innovative techniques of self-protection
  • After only an hour’s training, girl students are seen turned into symbols of confidence & aggression against their oppressors

Under corporate social responsibility Lovely Professional University is organizing ‘Self-Defense Training’ workshop at LPU Campus for all of its female students and staff-members. For this, LPU’s School of Professional Enhancement has arranged different sessions to be addressed and demonstrated by an internationally reputed trainer Shri Rajendran Nair of Tata Group. Mr Nair is credited with training 3 lakh women of the country, including women cops of Mumbai Police and other forces. After only an hour’s training at LPU, girl-students are seen turned into solid symbols of confidence & aggression against their oppressors. Addressing the students in very cordial, interesting and amusing manner on grave situations, Mr Nair guided all of them to develop self-esteem by building high-level of self confidence within. Mr Nair advised students to live a fearless life by having full control on their hearts and minds.
On these lines, different sessions based on various techniques of subconscious mind and personal safety drills were conducted by the trainer. All of the trainees are learning self-protection techniques through simulated attacks and on-hand practices. More than 20 self-defense techniques, even those needed in attempted rape situations, were demonstrated for apt self-protection in worst situations. In this regard, trainees are also gaining knowledge about women’s legal rights. 

Preaching students to be ambassadors of all the projects they undertake be it safety, security, cleanliness, anti-dowry campaign or any other social issue, Mr Nair said: “Be always a giver to the society, do not expect from it. You have to develop society for more good by eradicating all ills and ill-begotten from it, slowly and steadily. Kindly become “unarmed combat instructors” for bringing peace and prosperity all around. You all have to be fighters to protect yourselves. Your oppressors are also human beings like you with certain physical weaknesses on their body. Learn to make counter attacks on those points for your own and others’ safety.”

LPU girl-students have skillfully learned how to attack on target areas of their attackers, including eyes, ears, under the ribs, hollow of the throat, face, groins, fingers, sides of the jaws, neck, temples, shin bones and more. Some of the LPU MBA students learning at the training sessions, Dimpal Singh from Nagaland, Nandini Tripathi from Uttar Pradesh, Manisha Singh from Bokaro and Divya from Bhutan shared unanimously: “We are very lucky to attend the self- defense training session. Now we fully understand how and when to use the extreme power of our palms, fists, fingers, claws, bites, elbows, knees, kicks and more. We are thankful to our university which has empowered us with these needed skills to exist safe and secure in the society. We are happy that we are totally fearless now. We can push/ throw away our attackers, distract their attentions or escape from them within no moments. We have also learnt the usage of unnatural weapons lying always with us like comb, hair-pins, dupatta, bag, umbrella and more.”


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