LPU Student’s Research to make Super-Material in place of Iron

  • Research will help in production of unbreakable Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Raj’s research will also guide in having nanoporous air & water-filters
  • Research will bring forth super strong fibers as body and vehicle armour
  • Plastics will be able to conduct electricity
  • Air & Water filters will be able to sieve out even minutest bacteria
  • The topic of his research paper is improvement upon bonding strength in the atoms of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT)
  • CNTs are  about 10,000 times smaller than a human hair
One of the research-oriented and hardworking students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Lovely Professional University, Raj Chawla has received world- wide acclamation for his research on “carbon nano-tube (CNT)”, which is about 10,000 times smaller than a human hair. As CNTs are unique because the bonding between their atoms is very strong, so Raj’s research will guide in having stronger and unbreakable ceramic tiles & plastics; nano-porous air & water-filters; super strong fibers as body and vehicle armour; biocompatible coatings for prosthetics; and, many more cost-effective materials.  The world will also be able to manufacture lighter and stronger materials for greener aircrafts. It is worth mentioning that in comparison to other research scholars of the world  called for their research works, LPU student is still an under graduate and has earned  strong impact factor of 3.897 for his research endeavour.

Raj Chawla’s research is published in Holland headquartered world's prestigious ‘Elsevier’ journal ‘Composites Science and Technology’, which provides major scientific, technical, and medical research information to the entire world. His research paper on “Molecular dynamics simulation of carbon nano-tube pull-out from polyethylene matrix” for bonding strength improvement is considered useful for various human needed applications. Pennsylvania’s Materials Research Society (MRS)-a professional organization for researchers, scientists and engineers-had also invited him to present his research in Boston (America).

Congratulating the hard working and progressive student Raj Chawla, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal asked him to continue with his research endeavours for the benefit of the global society. Mr Mittal invoked all other students: “As research has become increasingly global, interdisciplinary and collaborative, you all should make sure that critical and continuous research works play vital role in our day to day life. Without innovations and research works, society cannot be progressive. Do adhere  to the research endeavours for benefit of one and all.”

Final year Mechanical Engineering student Raj Chawla, who hails from a small town Ramkola of Kushinagar District of Uttar Pradesh, shares: “LPU has provided me many chances to participate in international and national level competitions where I exhibited my potential under the guidance of my teachers. Prior to this, I have also got coveted awards and recognitions for prominent participation at Shiksha.Com, Association of Indian Universities’ Research Convention, Annual Technical Fest of IIT Roorkee and many other. This all could be possible as my inner abilities were well identified at the university. I also want to share with gratitude that I have also availed the great scholarship programme of the university which amounts to more than 4 lakh rupees.”


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